Telstra sues Coonan. Again.

Telstra with nothing better to do (its not like there are 18% of all phone lines having faults that need repair) have decided that putting Coonan on trial for OPEL wasn’t enough.

The OPEL case is more and more looking like a frivilous litigation case and will likely close out with Telstra paying costs of Coonan’s lawyers in a big win for Coonan.

The lengths Telstra are going to here seem desperate.

They want to do their best to use litigation action to get their way.

The OPEL move backfired as the lawyers also see that it was a two stage process and Telstra are now stuck in a corner for reasons asking for that information, further Coonan’s defence should now present any evidence they have that the move to attack the government on OPEL’s decision was a calculated move to delay the rollout, and little more, which will place a mark against it’s litigation reputation and could reflect very negatively against them.

This next case is going to backfire on Telstra as well, as CDMA is supposed to be covered in NextG, and if not they can’t turn it off.

Telstra claims they can’t build the network with CDMA being required to remain on..
So Telstra, how is it so that you have overpriced NextG installed alongside CDMA now?

If it’s the costs, well, you were aware of that when you started. No one is forcing you to install NextG. Just ensuring you don’t cut off CDMA services for users who need access to them..

If NextG is so good, and is better than CDMA, what’s the concern about? Why cough up dollars for a lawsuit? Is it because Telstra knows NextG won’t match CDMA and they will be required to leave CDMA running, thus stopping Telstra’s plans to bend rural users over and make them bi*ches to Telstra’s expensive rates? If NextG is better than CDMA, roll it out, get it tested and cleared and there’d be no issue.. The ministers decision wouldn’t affect Telstra then would it?

It seems likely that the decision will have an effect on Telstra. And that’s why they are kicking up legal action about it.

Telstra wastes more shareholder funds, you know, money they could have spent in innovation, instead of frivilous, vexatious or pointless legal cases that will end up getting them.. nowhere new..!

Shareholders with half a brain should wake up to themselves, Telstra’s a business collapsing around itself. Rather than working towards making things happen, they work against it and waste shareholder funds in the process.
Best just selling now, wait til they are done stuffing around and wasting money, and when they get a sound business model, buy back in if they come out with any clean area left on them.. unlikely at this rate.


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