Telstra jacks up line rental

In news you won’t find on Telstra’s own Now We Are Talking website (why is that? Can’t take the good with the bad?), If you don’t use Telstra for your STD calls, it may very soon cost you more.

Telstra in its latest anti competitive attack have decided that consumers who use competition must pay more for a Telstra service.

The HomeLine Part plan normally retailing for $31.95 will soon increase to a whopping $33.45.

The motivation behind such a move is to stop customers using cheaper competitive offerings from suppliers like AAPT and Optus in favour of making the calls at Telstra’s very high rates.

They introduced a new offer, Line Rental Saver, to reduce line rental for consumers, the downside is you must spend over $80 a month to gain a $10.50 line rental discount on already overpriced line rental.

They did also put a cap on the discount of $100.35 if you manage to push out $600 in monthly calls.

My advice? Go to Optus, AAPT, or anyone really, and put up with the excessive $1 increase, or drop your plan to HomeLine Budget ($19.95), and use VoIP and really stick it to the pigs at Telstra!


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