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Since my move in early February, Netspace have gone from good, to… hopeless.

I created a thread about the problems with moving, here:

What happened at that point was Netspace incorrectly provisioned my service as a 512/512 service, instead of the original (and requested) 1500/256 service.

It took them approximately 3 weeks to solve that, but it did get solved.

However, we now have had a new issue ongoing for the last 6 days, and that is the complete lack of customer service staff to fix an issue related to the move.

We pay for a 20GB + 20GB connection. We are currently shaped, after only using 10GB + 10GB of our quota. You see, the staff didn’t fix up all the issues after the last issue.

I called Support staff on Saturday, when the original problem happened, and the resolution proposed at that point was that it would be fixed in “a few hours”. That was all well and good, however in a few hours, no result, no contact from Netspace staff.

I called them later that afternoon, and was informed from Netspace staff that they’d look into it on Tuesday, because the staff responsible for it didn’t work at that time… Well, someone COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT HOURS AGO. When I was actually waiting for something to happen…

Anyway, that call ended with, the Netspace staff member stating: we’ll be fixing it Tuesday, and we’ll even look at compensation, well, that was great of her to mention that. Fantastic idea. Give her a raise. I now want compensation also.

Called Tuesday, staff I spoke to said they’d be looking into it later on, no ETA on restoration. What? No ETA for 10 minutes of work?

I put that call down to the staff not having a clue, and they’d fix it later that day.

Called Wednesday, spoke to Netspace staff, not fixed, no ETA on restoration. Call went nowhere.

Called 58 minutes ago, waited 53 minutes on hold, and was hung up on by the Customer Service queue (that’s after waiting 53 minutes on hold, in a queue that has estimated times STILL AT 40 MINUTES (after Management staff claim things improved).

Calling again now, on hold for so far 5 minutes of a possible 40 or more minutes.

My Time is too valued to keep stuffing around with staff that can’t do their jobs (at all?). It’s a 10 minute job at the most. Check the accounting system has the right values, check the radius server has the right values, check the usage system has the right values.. One of them is wrong, and that’s making the radius server think (and hand out) a shaped connection to us. Frustrating. Fed Up.

Made a TIO complaint yesterday also, and advised both Management and Helpdesk of the same complaint being made. Only response was back from Management, and it was far from helpful, or working towards resolving the problem at hand.

As you can see, this issue has already taken 1 hour of my time today, and hours in previous days, and reduced my connection to a state where I can’t get anything online done.

This post was made with tongue biting, resisting using the words: lazy, incompetent and a variety of non PG words in place of “staff”. To view intended post content, open Notepad, paste the post, and replace “staff” with a variety of non PG words, prefixed with “lazy, incompetent “.

— That’s posted on Whirlpool.

To extend that some more, a Manager from Netspace had called the account holder a liar.
Not only that, but Netspace also insist on us filling in stone age paper work and faxing it to them, just so I can talk (the account holder is my fiance, I’ve learnt, never stick a phone in your name when a woman is using it). I am going to pay the cost to fax them a sheet of paper with some ID of mine attached to it, and that’ll give me some leverage to attack the issues above better. They can’t simply shove me to the side and request to speak to my fiance. I instead can tear them apart until they get their acts together and start providing the advertised “World Class Customer Service”.

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