Netspace Stuff Ups Continue – no resolution

I’m appauled at Netspace’s recent stuff up and the length of time its taken them to even have an “adequate” look at it.

You see, we are on a 20 + 20GB plan, and have only used 10GB + 10GB of that plan.

However, we are shaped. We aren’t supposed to be.

They were called on Saturday about the issue, and the ETA at that point was “a few hours”.
They were called again Saturday afternoon. The ETA extended to “Tuesday, when Customer Service are back at work!, Compensation would be considered also! Great, I thought, dial up speeds, but they’ll be compensated).
Followed up Tuesday, looking into it, Unknown ETA. Take your sweet time why don’t you. You know, I’m paying $2.66 for dial up here, expensive.
Followed up Today, still no resolution, looking into it. Unknown ETR.

Last Straw. They’ve had 5 days to do approximately 10 minutes work.

I’ve made a TIO complaint, might get someone at Netspace to kick a few asses into gear. Purely unacceptable from a company that proudly claims “World Class Customer Service” – where is it Netspace? Waiting..

Netspace are dropping down to “useless” as an ISP. Where iiNet are, and you are only 1 above Telstra and Bigpond in that list, who are the ultimate disgrace.

It’s not that hard Netspace. A simple change, and it’d be solved. Instead, you want to throw more money away, and also more at the TIO, go for it. Your loss. But wait, after the original issues that started this, they already have made a loss on our connection as it is. All possible profit in our connection is literally gone. And if this keeps up, they’ll be looking at a loss. I’m sick of the issues. Give me what I pay for, a stable 1.5Mb connection with 20GB of Peak, 20GB of Off Peak, Unlimited free PIPE peering data, multiple sessions, 24/7 (or near to it).

I’m normally tolerable. However, companies and people who fail to attend to issues in a timely manner, and keep the customer informed should be “s&*tlisted”, as will be the case with Netspace if they follow the same road for too long.

Wanting what I pay for.

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