Skype remains problematic

Skype has since yesterday remained very problematic, and not able to maintain sign in!

The issue has gone on so far for nearly 24 hours, which isn’t good considering it’s one of the leading chat / phone programs on the internet, and one would think being eBay owned, they’d throw a lot more resources at this issue to solve it!

You can only just imagine how much pressure the developers are under to fix the issue, considering that Skype’s marketshare is a huge share, and the income revenue they are missing from this outage is somewhat extreme.

It’s been exposed as an “algorithm issue”.. But one would assume they have older versions to go back to, to bring the system back online in the light of the heavy downtime?

I’d have done that after the 4th hour, and worked it out later in testing before pushing to production.

Claims of a hack attempt have been hosed down on Skype’s website.

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