Skype approaches another day of downtime

Skype has continued to suffer from sign on issues, and is now approaching another day of downtime.

A report on Skype’s heartbeat page (their own status page), mentions they are no where near complete, but are in a better position than they were yesterday.

I disagree.

Skype’s downtime has continued throughout the entire time, funnily enough, right after I logged out from my old machine and logged in on my new machine, it remained down (at the exact moment!!).

It has since bumped up and down occassionally, but it’s been so much down, that someone that regularly messages me on Skype has been overly silent (much, much more silent).

One would again assume they have much more of a implemented process to swap out bugged software with other software rather quickly, considering they still acknowledge it as a bug, and not a hack attempt, or maintenance related.

The bug didn’t exist originally, so .. just go back, Skype’s owned by eBay, surely they could have afforded enough for a backup of their source code? Or do they spend billions and just hope for the best?

In other Telstra news, in 2005, one of Telstra’s better employees: Doug Campbell, arranged for ADSL extension technology, which could extend ADSL by 20kMs could be used to deliver ADSL to more homes in regional and rural areas.

They installed 50 of the devices, and have left 200 sit in warehouses for the rest of that time.

So, Telstra shareholders, again, more of your money going to waste, they bought 200, and left them sit in a warehouse, devaluing by the minute (technology loses value over time).

Much like all the ADSL2+ DSLAMs Telstra has deployed and are artificially shaped to ADSL1.

What’s the point in paying for new technology if you are just running it at the old speeds?

It’s like buying a P4, and ripping out the internals to install a 486 (80’s computer), it’s very stupid, and a severe waste of cash, when you consider the ADSL1 technology they are runnning artificially shaped at the moment has been superseded several times, and therefore lost any value.

Another GOOD reason not to own Telstra shares.


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