QoS implementation in the DD-WRT

I’ve spent a few hours working on editing the QoS this afternoon for the DD-WRT.

I tried a few different tricks to getting the script edited, but you can’t do that in read only firmware, and I don’t really feel OK with editing firmware and loading it on right now. I could do it, and I am sort of leaning toward starting to do that (it’d allow a lot more flexibility, and I could even trim out the wireless that I don’t use right now).

But, I would much rather simply over ride the existing QoS script.

To do that, I need to know how QoS currently works in the DD-WRT firmware.

That was relatively easy to sort out, iptables changes the packet markings after matching different styles of packets, ports, IPs and so forth.

It then also has a script to configure tc (Linux’s Traffic Control program).

I’ve worked out the right settings I need, basically limit one of the bands bandwidth capabilities to a lower level compared to the total bandwidth available (basically change the ceil value), however.

Getting my setting to stick on reboot, or disconnect / reconnect hasn’t been easy.

I tried assigning my script to reboot, and waiting 3 minutes via sleep. No joy.
I tried placing it into rc_firewall. No joy.
I tried placing it in /tmp/etc/config/script.wanup and also script.ipup, and no joy.
I can’t seem to get it to execute the commands, unless I do them from the command line, and I’ve really dug into this a lot, and can’t seem to find a solution.

My next idea would be to compile my own firmware, give chillispot, nocatsplash, and the other features I don’t use the big boot, and edit that script so it limits to my own desired set limit for all traffic (ceil), and not the full limit available.

A better option would be for us to specify the levels on the Web Interface, we could set each to its own desired MAXIMUM level.

All I seek to do with it is shape the upload for all applications except VoIP, so that VoIP gets a guaranteed 5kB or so!

You know, this problem would completely be solved, and wouldn’t take all my time up if we could get ADSL2+, or even affordable, value added full speed ADSL1 (with full 1Mbps upload). It sucks really.

On another note, the FTTN network proposed by the G9 would also solve my problem. It’d see us getting around 25 – 50Mb + of downstream, and a great amount of upstream bandwidth too, but I’m not greedy, full uncapped ADSL1, or even better, nice cheap ADSL2+, and I’d really be happy with my internet connection. I’m not seeking ethernet to the internet, just a level of speed that handles the usage demands nicely.

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