ADSL2+ in Gosford, other exchanges – when will they follow?

I’ve dug a little deeper on top of my previous blog entry on ADSL2+, and the central coast, and when we can expect it.

Unfortunately, we are still no more clear on when that will be.
My Original prediction at that point was that there would only be a short delay to several exchanges, including mine, from the previous Exetel advertised date of February 2007 (nearly 3 months ago now).

However, a credible source of information (the Let’s Go ADSL2+ roll out PDF) does not show much of the Central Coast in Optus’s sights at the very moment at all.

Gosford now has ADSL2+.
Saratoga now has ADSL2+.
Avoca Beach now has ADSL2+- why do you need fast net at the beach ?
Woy Woy is due to get ADSL2+.
Hamilton is due to get ADSL2+.
Toronto is due to get ADSL2+.
Belmont is due to get ADSL2+.
Cardiff is due to get ADSL2+.
New Lambton is due to get ADSL2+..

But, those last due to get ADSL2+ exchanges aren’t due until July 2007.

So the earliest I would be looking to get a fast internet connection (unless MySoul come visiting sooner) is around or after August 2007, at which point my much disliked Netspace extended contract is over, and I am free, free to tell them..

.. thanks for the free pipe.

I guess my only real motivation for ADSL2+ is its faster upload, but that’s not needed, what really is needed is for Telstra to stop being anti competitive, and restricting AUSTRALIA, and give us full speed, at competitive prices.

How do I define competitive?

Unrestricted fast ADSL2+ access for $45 on a G9 FTTN network.

What do I find as stupid in many degrees?

A restricted (8Mb/384kbps) ADSL2+ port sold for $56ex GST on Telstra’s aged wholesale network.
The other point here is, they’ve probably made the full cost of my port back several times already.

Telstra, Where’s my broadband?

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