Now We Are Talking Posts Fantastic Comment on Forum

… I’ve done it. I’ve finally got a really, really good comment to appear on the Now We Are Talking > Broadband Australia > Discussion Forum.

Basically, I was starting to reply to someone on the discussion forum that stated 1.6 milllion shareholders (greedy pigs) vote.

Wow. Is that all? Cause I thought 1.6 million fat, lazy, greedy pigs are a lot smaller than the combined 20 million Australian consumers, who have for years been subject to Telstra’s anti competitive behaviour.

And what’s 1.6 million voices anyway? Where’s the volume control, might want to turn their voices up, because the 20 million Australian consumers are drowning out their dull squeals and oinks.

Back to it, the post I got on their forums (I know, who’d have thought it possible) was:

John Plecter 1.6million shareholders on election day are still just a very silent greedy pig squeal compared to the interests of 20 million australian consumers, which clearly speak louder than a Telstra shareholder. I for one, even if I were a Telstra shareholder (sif I’d be a greedy pig), I would STILL be behind competition, and supporting a network that isn’t based on the greed of a measily 1.6million shareholders. I’d still be greatly concerned about the prices 20 million consumers pay. Unfortunately, Telstra don’t seem to get the message, sell the current network into another company so they don’t own it, and regulations will likely disappear, naturally even, if not with a little “reminder” sent to Graeme Samuel. Tell me something though Telstra, and I’m serious when I ask this question: Why do you say the current network cannot carry fast broadband, when clearly, you already provide 20Mbps services to SOME areas. I consider myself familiar with the fibre optic technology linking Telstra exchanges already, and wasn’t it a public release of Telstras that the fibre network rolled out would carry.. MORE THAN WE EVER WOULD NEED ? Essentially, Fibre networks are EASY upgraded too. So, saying you can’t provide fast broadband to Australians on the current network, when several of your competitors have done just that, is a big untruth. Yet another Now We Are Talking (trash) lie exposed. Time to contact the media, with screenshots.

… The Editor added:

Jason, fortunately the interests of Telstra’s 1.6 million shareholders and the other 19 odd million Australians are aligned. The country’s prosperity is linked to broadband investment and only Telstra, in its current form, has the ability to deliver truly fast broadband (more than 20Mbps) across the continent. More Australians are realising this fact every day as our Broadband Australia Campaign continues.

.. Doesn’t their coding team suck ? Like, they couldn’t preserve spacing?! I had my post nicely spaced out, and they destroyed that, probably related to the fact they are trying to show it to greedy pigs, who couldn’t find the space, or the pants room to fit it in (for those aware of Phil’s Public Split & Spit).

Anyway, to recap the points made, I was advising John that if he thinks 1.6 million shareholders (both Australian and International) are going to get anywhere, an election isn’t going to cut it, because the combined interests of 20 million Australian consumers will definitely speak volumes louder, basically turning their little pig squeals into sounds of silence! Fantastic, I love it.

Further, If I was a Telstra shareholder (and I wouldn’t be), I would still get behind the Australian consumers on this one, because without customers, comes no profit, and with no profit, comes significant loss on investment.

Put in the squished position with the G9 proposal, I would do one of two things.
1. Sell the bloody network into a private company, and remove ownership, and in that process regulations.
2. Compete with the proposal. They say they’ll do it for 12% ROI and a 12 year monopoly, with a requirement to take over parts of my assets, I say, bugger that, I’ll go one better. 20% ROI, no monopoly or overbuild protection, transparency in pricing, no requirement for asset takeover.

Now, that number 2 option seems too easy for the pig headed americans running the Telstra – shop(s), so much so they’d not get the idea of “competition” (what mean competition?).

So, number 1 would seem like a very possible outcome.

Anyway, looking further into my post, I go into detail about that. As well though, I expose another lie on the Now We Are Talking Discussion Forum:

Lindsay, the current network was never designed to carry broadband at all – certainly not fast broadband.

But, wait.. They offer 20Mbps ADSL2+, and competitors at the same exchange also do the same!

More to it, it was public knowledge a while ago that the backbone laid out by Telstra was more than we’d ever need.

So, for them to be stating “it was never designed to carry broadband”, can’t be any further from the truth. The current network is perfectly fine at running the nations broadband services, and more to it, the current network wouldn’t require Telstra to do much at all to it, as simply they would run nodes, and that would be the end of it. Simple really, not from the installation point of view, but from the “simplified view”. Nothing much changes in the backhaul field, just exchange to half way, and all the way to customer premises.

Of further note to this is also, that Fibre Optic networks are easily upgraded, such as Southern Cross plans to upgrade its network from 240Gbps to 1.2Tbps or higher, it doesn’t take any new cable running, and is simply a change in the technology used to send the zaps down the cable, much the same way as Telstra artificially limit a large number of ADSL services to slower speeds.. needlessly. And impose stupid upload speed caps on connections.

I also got away with posting that the site is named “Now We Are Talking Trash”.

They chose a great title for my post too: Telstra shareholders are greedy pigs.

That’s right. Finally, something truthful on the now we are talking website, and it was written by THEM!

Also on the attack list by Jason Torrento was Rod Bruem’s recent blog attacking the media.

In all cases, notice they ignore the possible solution to all their hassles? Removing the need for regulation? I wonder if anyone would pick up on it, now its published publicly, or will they all take the easy way out and simply try and state that the election could be rigged, like their recent polls apparently were!

Entertainment value of the highest level. Nothing better than Telstra calling their own shareholders greedy pigs on a Telstra website! Have screenshots 😉

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