Big Brother Poll Rigged? Not likely.

Tonights Big Brother live eviction had two evictees.

Evictee 1: TJ – wow she is a shocker. I’m surprised she was evicted, as I think the action (she loves action), would have added continued entertainment value to the show.

However. I do not think she should have won the game, as clearly is visible, she didn’t really act herself in the house, to quote a line: “Dumped on National Television” – so the fact the cameras were still rolling indicated that she was not being herself.

Besides that, I think her whinging, and chasing after nearly 45% of the males in the house, meant that she either really, really wanted some action, or she was basically finding a slot for the public to .. keep her in..

Either way, I sort of enjoyed the entertainment provided in Bodie’s fearful looks at her, as well as her constant “attempts” at picking up another housemate for “some action”.

So, someone should fill that slot again.

Evictee 2: Bodie.

What a shock, Bodie indicated he did NOT want to be evicted with TJ.

I’m rather surprised he got evicted, he had a clear percentage of people wanting to save him, and if I was into wasting money on 1900 numbers, I’d probably want him saved as well. Fantastic for entertainment in the house, and the amount of nomination points he got, made him a clear object to keep in the path of the game to ensure the players remained competitive.

Anyway, back on to what I wanted to write about.

Rumours have it (read: Behind Big Brother) that the eviction tally appeared to be rigged, however, I think its just how they layed it out.

You see, when you have a pool of 45000 votes to save, and a pool of 150000 to evict, and you express the percentages, left and right as representative of the total pool, and not as a percentage of total votes per housemate recieved, you end up with a rather bizarre calculation.

Such as the one I suspect was Zoran (and I think I’m on the mark), had 9% to evict, 9% to save. Looking at those numbers, 9% – 9% = 0%. Therefore, that calculation put him as 2nd to leave, behind TJ, but he actually had 2% to evict, so the question was how does 9% – 9% = 2%.

Easy, because 9% of 45000, and 9% of 150000 are two entirely different numbers.

Basically that’s where it does SEEM incorrect.
Big Brother should present the statistics different to avoid such confusion, they should instead:
Tally the votes on a housemate basis.

So, using the figures above, and TJ, because she’s right into action:
45000 + 150000 = 195000.
So, we would show the save percentage as: 23.1% Save.
And we would show the evict percentage sa: 76.9% Evict.

That adds to 100%, and makes perfect mathematical sense, and avoids confusion.

Tonights results were displayed as a percentage of evict and a percentage of Save, and that’s where the confusion lied.
They didn’t group by house mate and use a individual count of votes for each housemate, causing massive confusion.

One would hope that despite the display error, the actual calculations behind the scenes were still correct, and the result would be the same.

So, the poll isn’t rigged, but it certainly gave that appearance (even fooled me til I thought about it a bit).

I still wish they’d left Bodie in, because he added such entertainment value. It was great with him, and the show might not be AS good without him, and the entertainment he added.

I wonder how things with TJ and Bodie will work out, notably, he doesn’t seem too keen to continue things with her, and Emma, as a chain reaction, might suffer a bit.

Bodie obviously dislikes TJ, when asked, who’d you swap places with, his response was “Do they have to still be in the house”, referring to TJ as a possible person he’d kick out to remain in the house. That’s entertainment!

Very enjoyable up to now, hopefully things shape up differently, and the house doesn’t become boring.

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