How to: Avoid the Government’s Internet Filter. Easy!

When the government does implement the internet filter, which they claim they will use to filter sites containing pretty extraordinary content, you might find a site you wish to view blacklisted. Or not. I have trust in the government enough that they aren’t likely to blacklist any of my sites (or they are really suicidal).

Anyway, let’s get down to business – The government has blocked your favourite site, how do you avoid the waste of money, time and effort that is the Internet Filter?

Method 1: Proxy.
Because proxied traffic doesn’t appear like a normal connection to the blocked site, you can easily avoid the filter, and within seconds, show the nation the government is run by a bunch of incompetent morons.

To add a proxy, simply google for a open proxy, or visit

Open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options > Connections, LAN Settings, and specify the proxy settings.
Access your content.

Method 2: P2P
P2P transfers are pretty common on the internet today. They occur either using BitTorrent, or eMule, or other popular protocols for P2P transfers.

Whilst they can be intercepted – just like all traffic, they are notoriously difficult to filter the content, because of the numbers of packets they are broken into.
To use a P2P program to again, demonstrate just how retarded our government is, just drop over to, or any other popular P2P application, get your other buddies in crime and form a tracker., and start distributing your content. Free of censorship.

Method 3: IRC
Just when the government thought they could capture P2P, there’s yet another way to distribute your easy to distribute, difficult to filter content – IRC!

Internet Relay Chat allows users to join a channel, and read lines of text. It’s also possible to ‘base64 encode’ a file, and send those as lines of text in an IRC client, and have many users in the channel read those encoded lines, join them together, decode them, and transfer full files.

Filter, again easily bypassed with very little effort.

Method 4: Email
Our intelligent (yeh, right) government has still forgotten another distribution method- Distribution Email Lists. So easy, even a child porn addict could use!

Simply create a list of all your buddies that you wish to distribute such content to, and send them files, in multi part messages, and they can then view all til their hearts content.

Filter, again bypassed.

Method 5: Domain Changing
Yes, because the filter only works on a ‘black list’ of URLs, as a child porn distributor (or other banned content), you can easily change the domain name that has been blocked, and add a prefix to it. So, before you had, now you can have ‘’ – any variation could work. Or just be lazy, ‘’.

Filter, again bypassed.

Method 6: MSN / ICQ Transfers
You can also just open MSN, send the file to your partners in blacklist activity. Simple.

Method 7: DCC Chat (IRC Transfer)
You can always just jump on a private IRC server (hey, someone create one), and then join a channel, and PM the user to DCC transfer the file to you.. Easy.

Method 8: Setup a XML request receiver
Rather than go fetch the content, have it come to you. Setup an XML request receiver, which receives XML requests, each with parts of the file. Join the file together from all the requests. You don’t need to be there to receive the requests either.

That’s 8 VERY SIMPLE methods the filter should fail to filter through.

So, why again are they spending all that money on a filter that.. won’t actually filter the content anyway?

Why not piss it away on another Retail bonus? Or, better – get more police and education? Too much effort maybe?

I have no idea why they are still proceeding with such a disastrous waste of money on a trial of such an unworkable system. It’s insanity – but that’s our federal government, voted in by morons, run by idiots.

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