Another milestone closer!

We took one of the largest pre-settlement steps towards owning the house – we placed the full 10% deposit, and now are awaiting for the settlement time frame to pass.

This leaves us to wait / pack up for 30 days, and prepare to move into our own house.

I’m sort of surprised I didn’t take this action sooner. We’ve wasted a fair bit of ‘savings’ (paying off a house), with rent. We really should have looked into a house sooner, but prehaps at that time the circumstances would be different – e.g. the home owners grant, interest rates, and house prices wouldn’t have aligned.

I’m amazed at how smooth the process has gone, speaking with an old friend tonight, she told me of her experience, and another experience with the same bank.

I’m hopeful we have a far smoother transaction, and thus far it has been. Moving will be a pain, but it’ll be the last move for a while!

I’m looking forward to a fenced backyard for the kids, a garage for the car, a granny flat for whatever, and a huge house.

Too excited!

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