Effective Pest Control

We found our first pest today. It was eating the leaves on the apple trees.

I noted it yesterday after seeing the leaves had a few holes and signs of being incomplete, nothing was on them, nothing in the base of the black rubbish bins we specifically chose to house the trees in.

The pest was a snail. It was monitored today, scaling the back fence, reaching the tree leaves, then advancing to eating them. I think my partner fully understands the words “Snail Mail”, having seen the pace of the snail and also dealt with Australia Post.Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

The solution to it was very simple. The bins have ‘ridges’ where the rim of it is. The snail can’t possibly conquer it. The fence was obviously utilised since it was capable of advancing to the leaves.

Pull the pins back away from the fence, the snail can no longer reach the leaves. Remove the snail from the tree, solved.

There’s a lot of growth showing on the plants since we started them as seedlings, they did go through a slow patch after they were well and truly out growing the punnets and pots. In the ground, everything has taken on new growth.

The lettuce now has a lot more leafy growth on it, and is far greener. The sunflowers have grown significantly, but still could be fit to be rated seedlings. The Zucchini leaves have shown the most promise of them all, reaching about 6 times the original size in the mere 2 weeks. Tomato seedlings have doubled in size.

The trees are the best, showing all new leafy growth at the top. They moved in just last weekend, and all show fresh growth (the nursery leaves had a water residue on them, not present on the new growth).

This weekend, I’ll try and get the trellis in for the already flowering tomato and passion fruit plants so they have something to climb on.

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