A vision

not necessarily of what might eventuate, but a vision none the less.

The vision is that of what our planned renovations will make possible.

The large open plan Kitchen / Dining / Lounge area will open up to a back deck area, at the back, in the middle, a BBQ waits.

Some wireless speakers to get audio out to the decking area, the source of the audio? Anything from FM Radio, to MP3s to streaming.

To the front, middle, of the decking area sits a retractable screen, it’s for a projector that will sit on the ceiling near the loungeroom. Face it out at the screen.

The doors are bifold doors, they will open up the entire area – allowing plenty of cooler air from the southerly breezes we get in the hotter summer nights – it’s actually hot right now, the Windows open allow more of the cooler air to come in, and the hot air to escape, but it’s still not the right temperature.

The back area will make a perfect spot to relax in the heat of the day, and when night sets in, fry up some sausages on the BBQ, serve with drinks in the outside area.

By then, it should be cool enough to move to the loungeroom (or flick on the projector), and watch a movie.

It’s a vision, i’m liking it. Then again, so are the more unrealistic visions, for example, paying off this place in 8 years. Yeh, right.

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