eBay – Resolutions aren’t so hard to come by

Yesterday I wrote about how I had an experience on eBay of the unintelligent kind, where the sellers of all the items purchased all made stuff ups!

Seller 1 had decided to forget rails for a rackmount server.
Seller 2 shipped a $20 cable instead of $260 worth of RAM.
Seller 3 shipped a card missing audio cable, cut FM antenna and missing drivers.

After I wrote my post last night (within 30 minutes), I had a email back from Seller 1 in response to the missing rails.

Seller 1 had simply not realised the rails were to come with, and unfortunately, had 2 servers up for auction, but only one set of rails.

The rails obviously were sent with the other server.

The seller however saw my position, I saw it stated on the auction rails available, and sure enough, he is a very reasonable seller.
The seller has came to a resolution, he will ship me another set of rails after he finds them in his storeroom. Perfect I thought. Honest mistake. Solved.

Seller 2, described the situation as “we made an error”.. Too right you made an error. How on earth you confuse expensive RAM with a $20 cable is beyond me!

Anyway, the resolution proposed is they will ship the RAM on Monday and they have little interest in recovering their incorrectly shipped cable.. Interesting.

To date, neither seller 1, or seller 2 have left feedback, despite being paid and my leg of the transaction being complete just on a week now. Pretty poor form.
The sellers do this for feedback blackmail, basically, if I were to leave either of these sellers a negative, they would do the same back to me despite being paid promptly and my part of the transaction being the most successful, accurate and error free part of the transaction.

Personally, I think eBay should require sellers to leave feedback before they can get feedback, in this way it can stop feedback blackmail and allow buyers and sellers alike to trade in the complete safety that they won’t become victims of blackmail via feedback.

Should they both not have feedback left after 60 days, the transaction goes without feedback, and that’s not good for sellers who want to move items! So it’s a win for buyers who can state exactly what they have experienced, after the seller states the buying experience, this protects each side from being unfairly rated / blackmailed, as the last to rate should be the buyer, which is after the seller has fulfilled all auction requirements (shipped item to buyer).

Seller 3 has not left feedback for us either yet, neither has seller 3 responded about the problems with the purchase being different from the description.

Holding off on feedback for all 3 still until all items received in good working order, after all, that is what I bought…


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