Dodo Satelitte – The Next Extinction

Dodo, obviously failing to learn from its failure in the dial-up and broadband game with reports of poor speeds on broadband services, and very poor customer service have now decided that screwing city people and pissing them off is not enough.

DoDo have now decided to bring extinction services to satelitte.

The move highlights that Dodo are keen to grow as an ISP, but their history shows they have no real idea on how to maintain customer relationships.

The change in industry could cause price drops right across the board as 300k customers that Dodo did gain (and not sure on loss statistics) show that they can at least gain a few customers using an extinct bird as a brandname. Why on earth Dodo? Why not Dinosaur Internet, internet that roars?

I am sure you can easily find comments on the internet that state Dodo’s internet is more “internet that fries” than it is “internet that flies”.

The competition landscape could change dramatically for Satelitte users with Dodo’s low prices being the benchmark for attracting customers, and others follow to around similar levels depending if they want Dodo service, or a working connection that has data. The price gap will close in around them, customers only ever look at price, Bigpond’s deceitful marketing can tell anyone that.

Trouble is, with Bigpond, for what you pay, you get basically nothing! Telstra’s money for nothing idea?

Dodo assumably are going in this to rival Bigpond and to rival OPEL’s proposed WiMAX network by having customers signed up ahead of time in contracts.

In other news, eBay seller with the card had offered to ship me the missing items for the capture card. He left positive feedback and all is happy. I decided that we wouldn’t get the cable from him via Aus Post, not based on principle but based solely on the fact the card isn’t going to work with Windows x64, I can’t be stuffed changing OS for it to work and lose the performance gain of 4GB of RAM as opposed to 32bit’s 3.1GB.

So the transaction ended happy and I have a capture card I can plug into something else soon and do something.. more interesting with :).

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