Chickens are free.

Last weekend, we took the time to clip the wings of the chickens to give them some lawnmowing time.

You’d think the first place they’d rush is our garden beds, with the straw, green leaves, food to tear apart. Not so. The chickens (maybe that’s why), were too ‘chicken’ to go near the garden beds and clean up the grass around the edges of them.

Instead, they sat around the trampoline, which is in front of their chook run, and ate grass from under it.

Fast forward one week, they are now happy to chase us to the back door, near the kitchen, where we can throw out broken pieces of bread for them to eat up.

I was secretly hoping we’d get lucky and have eggs from them over easter, but this has still yet to occur. I hope they get to laying eggs soon, we are ready for the next lot to go in, but want to make sure these will lay before interrupting their living quarters with 3 younger movie Why Him? 2016 now

Recently, we’ve caught them perched on the axle of a boat trailer (which has a boat on top of it), sitting in our back yard – they are funny, yet stupid.

When we were ready to let them out, they’d go into the chook run, and run back and forth trying to find a way out to the one single bird who wasn’t so chicken to come out (they’d be stalking it, trying to get out with it).

Now they seem a lot more relaxed and happy to wonder around just like any family pet. We haven’t had them fly away either, but they do try and fly by running (yes, they get some speed, I reckon they’d give the kids a good run).

We will need to get some grain for them too (they are currently still on grower mix, but eat grass and food scraps as well). Oh, and they get a source of protein, caterpillars and snails found in the garden are happily fought over.

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