Wild IT holding on tight?

Wild Internet and Telecom are a young ISP / junior telco, offering services at cost + a small few dollars.

Some pointers that have kept me away from Wild Telecom are as follows:

  • Timothy Bolot, the Manager / Creator of Wild Internet and Telecom has very poor conduct on a public forum (Whirlpool), examples below:
    1. Encouraging all users to change their ISP to Wild Internet and Telecom to influence the statistics used in Broadband choice (and raising their statistics artificially).
    2. Offering “Unlimited” plans, and then taking them away, purely to gain a customer base on their network, and in doing so, encouraging users to create a lot of threads so Wild can get its own forum.
    3. Using Whirlpool as a tool for advertising. Timothy has come under fire from moderators on several occasions.
  • Offering obviously unsustainable plans, one of which is the “Price Match: Telstra 19.95” phone line plan. Wholesale Line Rental, according to the ACCC costs 30.31.
  • They started using the veridas network for a while, speeds began to slow and problems creep up, when these issues started, they were very quick to blame Veridas, and not accept any responsibility for it.
  • Wild then reduced its plans to something close to sustainable, however, users continued to complain of network congestion, Wild’s recourse was to simply break its own Unlimited contracts with its users, and offer plans with shaping.
  • When news stories about other ISPs break, Wild have been quick to jump on the bandwagon to try and increase their own publicity. Overall, I have seen Wild repeatedly try and publicize themselves on Whirlpool, now they get the publicity that seems to be more about them, they are in Administration.

The point here is that Wild are very much immature, the actions of the company are reflected via it’s Creator / Manager, Timothy Bolot, and whilst other websites (wps….) might claim some Wild accusations that are far from the truth, the actions taken by Timothy on Whirlpool, the Australian Broadband Multimedia website, ran completely unfunded was not a source for him to abuse for his own financial gain (or loss, as the case may seem).

Wild are certainly a telco that can make themselves something bigger then they are, they just need to go the right way about it. I personally still refuse to have any dealings with Wild, primarily due to its very much immature look. The website they run is Joomla!, an Open Source Content Management System.

Why wouldn’t they sit down and develop their own website? What’s so wrong with businesses spending money, designing a website with technology that is unique to them? Whilst they may be able to claim to have a website online, they can far from claim it is “their” website.

That’s why I don’t use Content Management Systems. I want something I can say, is mine. This blog is WordPress, for a reason, it’s a blog. I don’t really feel the need to develop something for me to type my views on, I do however, wish to post my views to a website, and that’s why I use WordPress.

A business should be able to afford a basic website. Pay for one. You won’t regret it as much.

Oh, and before I finish, Open Source applications are very much more attack prone compared to something you develop yourself. The reason is simple, it’s Open Source, other’s have the source code.

Hope you pull out Wild, only because I think you can turn your business (and yourself) around and make a real go of things (and you compete in the telco industry, something we can all agree needs a LOT more competition).

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