Week In Review: What Happened This Week!

News that the parents of child that starved to death now have warrants issued against them for Murder has surfaced. Which is shocking really, because the father seemed to maintain and protest his innocence.

But if they truly were responsible for that (who lets a child get to that low weight in the first place?), then they should indeed be spending time behind bars for that poor childs suffering.

In other related news, the father that decided he would drown his 3 boys on fathers day, one as young as 2 years old, has been given 3 life sentences with no minimum periods (no parole).

Which is finally doing some good justice.

He has instructed his lawyer to appeal however.

Such a shameful crime. Your own kids, something you should be ‘proud’ of, drowned due to a retaliatory fight with the mother of the children.

I get the idea he thinks they were ‘property’ rather than ‘independant human beings’, which is a shame really, because when you look at a child as property, rather than a human being, the focus is lost on being parents (drivers and pilots of children’s futures), and the focus changes to how you manage and maintain the property (or damage).
A person is never property.

In other not so closely, but near related news.

Santa should no longer address people as ‘ho’s, in an Adelaide revelation, Santa’s are being told to use the ‘ha ha ha’ version, instead of the more thoughtful, and perhaps in some areas of the world, correct version ‘ho, ho, ho’ – No, we shouldn’t resort to african amercan jokes too much.

It’s a severe change in society when people ‘might’ get offended at the use of a long known term ‘ho, ho, ho’, because recent stereotypes of ‘african american people’ suggest the term ‘ho’ is actually short for ‘whore’.

I say, we ignore the slang of those who fail to learn english to a world recognised standard, and let Santa address every woman as ‘ho, ho, ho’.

When the defamation claims come in against Santa, they’ll have to go arrest him at the north pole – if they can find him, and prove that ‘ho’ is clearly defaming.

In the mean time, I intend to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (and not Happy Holidays) and certainly address as many women as I can, with ‘ho, ho, ho’ – I’m not anti-Santa.

The bigger topic this week, which caught a lot of my attention, is the Morris Iemma announcement, he plans to crash test the cars of street racers in a much, much more hard hitting smash at their attitudes.

They seem to think that because a facility for them to practice ‘racing’ – or stupidity, is hours away, they can simply use the public road in protest?

The public road is never a race track, it’s a public road, where all sorts of objects can be found, such as pedestrians, vehicles, potholes, pets, not-so-petted-pets, animals, debris, rubbish, and to top that off, they are public, so any of those objects are quiet capable, and quiet right, to interupt the path of other road users.

They should almost certainly remove licences from those that participate in street racing, clearly they shouldn’t have got them in the first place, exceeding the speed limit is pretty much one of the key objects you are required to pay attention to, and obey to get your licence.

Exceeding it by racing (and by 120Ks+) is perfect reason to take a licence off a road user. Remove the privilege from them. The car crushing should be a good enough deterrent however.

Election news, the communications debate was on today. 4PM on Sky News.

I got an email from the Telstra Active Supporters group telling me earlier, but due to the HTML layout of the email containing images and crap, I tend not to pay attention, images in emails to me generally presents itself as marketing so I pay near 10% attention to them.

But yes, I saw that, and didn’t watch it til the very end. Good news though, I can simply download it and watch it tomorrow, with thanks to ZDNet.

Labor earnt my vote by leading the market in sorting Telstra out, fixing operational seperation. They then lost my vote for scrapping the communications fund to build a not so needed FTTN network.

Back to no one appealing to me as being the party worthy of my vote. No one has presented to me a policy that opens my ears, that speaks to me. That earns my vote over the others, overwhelmingly.

Part of me says vote Rudd, at least we can get the boots on in 3 years and kick him in the rear if he stuffs up.

Oh and in more international news, a gundog took aim on its owner and fired a shot at him. The US dog owner placed his gun on the ground, left loaded, no safety, and his dog was simply seeking revenge for the lack of a good run the day before- perhaps?

So, certainly, give that dog a run, if you don’t, you might regret it.

And another ‘smart’ American decided to loosen a stuck nut (and that wasn’t his head), by shooting at it. The pellets from his shotgun injured him severely.

Don’t ban Guns, Ban Americans best sums up those two incidents.
And the same logic can be applied to the street racing idiots. Ban the idiot behind the wheel, the car isn’t the problem. The idiot is.

That’s the lweek of the news that was most noticed by me. Not a full recount, I left Lindsay Lohan’s generous debt repayment to Society – 84 minutes of jail time out, and several other articles out. Because if you really wanted the news, you wouldn’t be reading my blog, one which claims its dedication is to Technology and Entertainment, but finds itself focused on Broadband issues, Election issues, and stupidity found in some humans.


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