Waste of Taxpayer funds: Question Time

For some unknown reason, the TV was left on ABC today, and was probably on it for most of the day.

After all the Children’s cartoons flew by, I started hearing the sounds of what can only be described as a waste of time.

Let’s not focus on the fact that I was watching it, and that alone was a waste of time, but let’s focus on what actually was happening that was a waste of time.

There was claims made by some media entities about Peter Costello claiming he would challenge John Howard for the top job 2 years ago.

What kept them from speaking out then through to now is unknown, or maybe they just recently got a kickback from Labor to say that.. Nah, we won’t alledge that.

Anyway, the point here is, for several moments of Question Time today, Wayne Swan, a Labor Member, wasted a lot of Question Time on basically questioning Peter Costello’s meeting with the folks of the media, and that was supposed to be Off The Record.

Costello’s recount somewhat differs from the media entities by “months”, and was completely Off The Record anyway.

The top question that Costello asked, right at the end of the ABC broadcast of it was..

“The questions asked, how do they help Australians… Do they provide answers to childcare? schooling? health?”

He basically outlined that Peter Swan, Labor member had wasted so much of the time today, questioning an event that even if it did happen, was useless to many Australians well being anyway.

And he is paid to be a Labor Member of Parliament, funded from none other than.. well, who pays the government’s wages? You do the math.

Further, they didn’t seem to get any of the many pressing issues relevant to the economy.. even in the open.

The moments I saw I thought, crap, we’d be better off having Rodney Rude or his better opponent, Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson in those top jobs, because Costello’s counter remarks were funny, but I’m sure that we can get Rude or Wilson to do it cheaper.

Costello seemed to still have none other than the national interest involved when Swan wasted time with silly questions today. Responses to Swan were funny, but still a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Sack Swan, take his wages for today away. Perhaps that’ll send a clear message that Australian’s don’t want to pay for.. well, attempted exposure of useless information anyway.

I would want these people paid highly to do the job they are there for, governing the well being of our country, and not arguing over who said what, when… More so when it doesn’t do nothing to put my kid through a quality school, ensure Australian’s have access to fair telecommunications services, or fix any health issues or other pressing issues.


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