Virgin’s New Virgin Network Experienced Outage

In what is still doing better than Telstra’s NextG, Virgin’s HSDPA Network experienced an outage lasting a total of 5 hours.

Telstra’s NextG network had network issues spanning 3 days, with one of those days experiencing a total failure.

Whilst Virgin doesn’t offer a 24 hour helpdesk, one is lead to believe that technicians were right on top of the outage the very moment they arrived to work.

The company’s VoIP service during the outage remained operational and accepting calls.

Virgin have acknowledeged that there have been teething issues with the Virgin network since the start of the network and as with any new network, they work towards ironing those bugs out and making the network very reliable.

So, Virgin’s broaband service had a minor outage.

Telstra’s phone and broadband networks by comparison have had numerous outages.

NextG on July 31.
A regional exchange suffered a fibre cut taking out communications in and out of the area shortly before this, taking days to fix.
Telstra’s network took a huge outage affecting access earlier this year, blaming a server fault. This fault carried over onto other service providers.
Add to that the revelation that 18% of all Telstra lines have faults.

Virgin’s network so far, still beats the numerous outages experienced by the australians on Telstra’s network.


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