Top 10 VoIP Providers

That’s right. Instead of writing about the continued increase of idiots on the road, or more on Telstra’s evil plans of industry monopolisation, or the disgusting crimes of murder, manslaughter, rape, and child abuse continually being committed, or the fact that bike sales are increasing, or, Holden’s large car recall (only a quick fix), or the idiots who nearly decorated each other in paint and blood being stupid on the local roads..

… I’ve decided to instead look at VoIP and find out who, statistically, ranks highly for VoIP.

 Looking at the current data, we have a list of 10 front runners, who have been monitored for a lengthy period of time.

1. iiNetPhone
This is ran by ISP iiNet, and so far only have negligble to no downtime. A rock solid network, a rock solid service, and naturally latency measures up as much, with also low complaints from users. The minus? The rates are premium by comparison.

2. Engin
Engin are a more ‘premium’ charging VoIP provider. Despite this fact however, they have a good solid network, which for the most part is stable and error free, with exception that they do see a few complaints for service (or lack of).

3. Broadband Anywhere
Rock solid network so far, and very small in the way of downtime. They have a good rating percentage.

4. GoTalk
GoTalk seem to also just tail Broadband Anywhere, the rates they charge are OK, but from personal experience, I can’t recommend them, the staff on the phone have no idea and simply hang up when they are unsure on your sales question. That said, don’t let my experience interupt.

5. SIPTelecom
SIP Telecom have been monitored for a while now, and have had a little more downtime then GoTalk in the monitoring service, but, a little (and I mean negligible) downtime when it comes to VoIP, it’s probably less downtime then your own power company.

6. Chariot Internet
Chariot being a ISP, have a VoIP service also, and the service through monitoring has only suffered a little more downtime then SIP Telecom above.

7. Evolution Tel
They were discovered several months ago, and we added two monitoring servers for Evolution Tel. Unfortunately I don’t have a combined statistic available for them (but that’s coming), and so, the better performing server scored close marks to the others who managed to make the ultra reliable list of VoIP providers.

8. Internode
Rated as being expensive, but being premium quality, Internode finds itself automatically rated in 8th position despite being monitored for a little longer than some of the others above. They are in Adelaide and to my knowledge don’t have a national VoIP network in place for VoIP calls, the trunking to Adelaide must be reliable enough, but alas, they do seem to score some downtime, but again, your power is probably less reliable.

9. Nehos
Nehos are a business focused VSP. They want business users, they target them. Yet, amazingly a retail Engin connection scores better. We are really only talking 0.01% in these scores, but the statistics still show interestingly enough, that some providers find themselves marginally below others. What’s with the name any way?

10. Voxalot
Voxalot rate as number 10 on our monitoring scale. It should be kept in mind that whilst we are aware Voxalot have multiple servers, we only at this moment, monitor the one, understood to be hosted in Brisbane. It is very reliable, only marginally below other servers when it comes to uptime reliability.

All the above ratings should however be considered to not consider the latency times that each averages. I didn’t want to influence it for Sydney siders, as that’s where the server was better placed, but, the best provider for latency has been OzSite Internet Services (OzSite). Very low latency, and monitored for a fair while!

Those are the Top 10, based on monitoring time, reseller status (didn’t want to add resellers or rebillers), and percentage uptime.

Don’t take this as any prompt of who is best to go for, because clearly the rates of providers don’t match the reliability provided in some cases, and in others, they charge too little to give you a rock solid service. The ratings come in handy in that regard, as you can guage a rather recent pulse of what the ‘aura’ of a provider is.

Of course, consider a disclaimer that fits here, this is simply my opinion, any information provided may not be accurate, may be stupid, may not be free of error, etc, etc. You get the idea. It’s simply an observation of the data logged, nothing more, nothing less, my opinion only.


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