The Window is Closing

At least, one window is closing, and it’s not the one I want unfortunately.

The window for our registration renewal is closing, and we have a little bit of time to accomplish a few things.

We need to get the electric window working, that is, opening and closing, because it doesn’t open, which means we can’t register it, despite the fact it had a pink slip, exactly like that, when purchased.

Tomorrow, we must get the auto electrician to pass over the screws and other parts required to put the door back together, go back to the wreckers who we got a faulty part from, and get them to fit the door back to normal, get them to fix the other issue they stuffed up with the other door.

Then, find out when the next available pink slip appointment is, get the car it’s very own pink slip.

Then, visit the RTA, and process the registration renewal.

Hopefully, by the end of tomorrow, the right window will be closing, and it won’t be the time window left to renew the registration.

In other similar news, I thought we might try out the premium fuel, to see if it really does give us any better performance for KM.

Considering the price is like $3 a tank more (yep, 4c off docket is a $3 discount, so 4c more at the pump is $3 more expensive), it’d be interesting to see if the end result in terms of kms is worth it or not.

For it to be worthwhile filling it with the uber expensive premium juice, we must get around an extra 50k or so, conversations with someone else suggest it is possible to get more out of a tank on premium, assumably due to it’s nature, the car can reach the desired speed on less juice, and therefore requires less to drive as far.

I think it’s like looking at water compared to custard. Water will flow continuously through, custard on the other hand has a different gravational leaning, and takes longer to flow through. Naturally, I’m not suggesting it will flow through to the carbe slower, but rather, just require less.

Compare perhaps LA Ice Cola with Coca Cola. LA Ice is weaker, but due to the weaker nature, you can drink more of it in a same space of time, compared to drinking Coca Cola, which has a different taste to it, and due to that, you drink less. Hey, that example worked on my partner (she thought of half of it).

I guess after that however, I’m very keen to get the engine mount looked at, because it does rattle a fair bit when idle, and even recently, I’ve had it stall when I wanted to idle (and don’t ask about reversing), but it’s OK once it gets up and going. Another service is in the pipeline to get the fluids (that is, brake, clutch, and radiator coolant) changed over.

The issue with the door, and the electric window, should be solved relatively soon! I can’t see it taking much longer to solve considering the issue can be solved relatively easily.


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