The valuation came in

And the current value is under the previous real estate’s ‘market appraisal’, but then real estate isn’t always consistent.

The valuers claim that for the money we’d outlay, only a 50% increase in value would occur (meaning, we’d be sinking half our money). That makes sense though, my calculations would suggest about half the quote to be labour – and it’s not exactly a walk in the park to do the extensive work.

So, now we must determine if we proceed, full well knowing the additional investment is unlikely at producing productive returns, or if we sit tight, or instead, renovate the internal instead.

Our focus for the exterior was so that when the solar system was installed, we’d not need to remove the inverter later if we decided to remove the exterior. I know it’s not critical, and we could always take the cop-out, and just replace that affected panel.

I can see from my partner’s comments about the phone call with the valuer that he dislikes the ‘plastic’ effect of the PVC cladding, which is OK, it’s his opinion. He recommended Weathertex, which was something we considered, however it was always the view from the start to go with maintenance free PVC. We did ask the builder if he’d be able to quote Weathertex, and it’s claimed to be cheaper.

But, then when you factor in the paint, it’ll probably come out to the same, espiecially if we pay a professional, for that professional finish I invariably fail to achieve in any of my efforts (at anything).

The internal work is good, but I am curious if it will exceed a fair amount – i.e. I know I can put plasterboard up, but I probably couldn’t do it neat. I can probably lay tiles in the bathroom, but then we can get that done relatively cheaply.

The other consideration is if we are going to do the internal work, are our internal plans exactly what we want.. I was considering it today, and to me it’s the only way to get a third bedroom.

A new Kitchen would bring the house into the future, and the bathroom could be better, the valuers thoughts are it’s functional. But functional isn’t the point. We know they had a hard time selling, we don’t plan on selling, but having it in a better state would be nice.

Oh well, back to the builder and see what we end up deciding.. (and we just want solar power).

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