The Garden in Autumn

We got a reasonable result from the back garden in Autumn. We had some losses on getting the seeds in a growing state though – we lost a heap to what might have been excess water.

Then the first set in Autumn never really came through due to the soil mixture used.

After putting Coir and Potting Mix together, we had better results, not great, but better.

From that mix, we put out Beans, Corn, Peas, Cherry Tomatoes.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Pea plants try to work, but the bottom of them fast degrades and the plant shows no sign of succeeding. This was the case across around 10 or so of the plants attempted.

The Bean plant were successful, we had heaps of them, I couldn’t put a kg figure on it, as an estimate I’d say about 5kG of them.

The Corn plants tried to go, but the season ended before they finished growing. They just stopped growing (surviving, but not growing).

The Cherry Tomato plants were interesting, there were two lots planted, one at the front, and a heap on the back. The plants at the front grew huge – the trellis I put together for them was pulled back into the ground – the plant is massive. I again can not tell how many we pulled off, it was a heap. Which is what I desired, as the kids like them.

Since the last lot, we’ve been trying to perfect seedlings, and we worked it into a styrofoam box, there was much better success because it kept the temperature regulated.

The Bean plants are not actually in Season now, yet they are very huge. Peas had a 100% strike rate on seeding, we’ll have to figure out where they’ll be transplanted.

We also have some Cabbage plants out and they seem to be alive, it’s hard to really gauge any sort of success though, we can see snails have been at them, but the rain has been significant.

The strawberry patch we have is providing the odd strawberry here and there – it’s nothing significant.

The Citrus trees have been idle for a while now, but we do have a large and small Jonathan apple, and a small Granny Smith apple that has a scab or other issue with it.
The Passionfruit are quiet as well. Not a lot happening with the fruit.

A sunny weekend continues tomorrow and into next week. The Winter crops could be our best so far, and that should make our Spring and Summer even better – hopefully at the desired goal of 100% of vegetables to be grown without chemicals.

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