Telstra’s War On Everything

It seems that no matter what is dangled in front of Telstra, they won’t have a part of it.

And whatever moves are taken to control Telstra’s unlawful actions in the industry, they simply push harder for more.

They seemingly are declaring war on everything.

– ACCC: Apparently they do the job of protecting consumers very well. Too well for Telstra.
– Coalition government: Apparently they were the blame for Telstra’s regulation.
– Helen Coonan: Apparently, she can’t decide a tender process, despite Telstra’s own admission that they would go to court over the tender regardless..
– Labor government: Won’t be able to roll out its broadband plans anytime soon due to Telstra’s unwillingness to accept that Labor want downward pressure on prices.
– Consumers: Consumers recently rated Bigpond, Telstra’s ISP, the worst value for money ISP in Australia. It’s true. One person even made comment about how Bigpond overcharged by $16,000 (read here:,23600,22885016-5014108,00.html), and others describing it as “Bigripoff”, and many other responses that make me laugh at Telstra’s arrogance.
– Staff: Apparently, forcing them to sign AWAs.

So, with the only one missing in that equation being management and shareholders, they nearly have a war on everything that surrounds them.

Is it just me that can see clearly that Telstra’s plans are not going to be successful long term due to the negative reputation building against them? ie. No younger user is going to use them, because many of them know Telstra’s expensive and will shop around for the best deal anyway?

That mentality will carry on for the years that follow and cause Telstra huge problems.

Not like they seem to care however, waging war on everything (and perhaps even shareholders by ignoring their mass rejection of Sol’s pay packet), what on earth do they expect to gain from this?

Nothing’s going to budge for them, they’ll have to level, or be forced into seperation, or forced out of business.


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