Telstra dislikes Competition!

Need we say anymore but that statement?

It says a lot about Telstra’s actions with regard to competition.

Everything from pricing retail lower than wholesale through to the current mash up we have now are all a direct result of Telstra’s complete dislike of competition.

Competition means they have to compete, they have to work for the customers, instead of having them handed to them due to lack of choice.

This for Telstra means they have to put the work in to getting those customers on board, they won’t simply come along for Telstra’s higher prices, unless of course they are the Telstra lovers in the population (the older people who know little more).

I definitely believe Telstra BigPond’s marketshare is derived from the ignorant. The more people that are made aware of the competition, and the rates Telstra charge, and Telstra’s deceitful marketing tactics, the better off as a whole they’ll all be.

On the other hand, if you can’t beat them, join them.

ISPs could start offering plans at $7.95 for 6 months, from $29.95, on a 2 year contract with low usage and when the customer gets the BigBill they are offered to upgrade the plan to the higher plan and cop the BigBill..

I think other ISPs should do this, and drive Telstra’s scam out by simply undercutting them to a level that the deceitful marketing deployed by Telstra loses all effectiveness.

Or, we can wait a good 30 years or so and by that point, the market would have changed to the more intelligent generations who will be aware of Telstra’s deceitful marketing and stay away from them!

Or, perhaps by that point in time we’ll see some good change in the industry, with the forced structural seperation of Telstra. That’d fix it.

Or as has been suggested recently, make regulations so uncomfortable for Telstra, and don’t budge, and eventually they’ll agree to Structural Seperation, and that’d be a win for consumers (yeh, don’t believe Telstra’s trash), because the consumer wins by having a level playing field to purchase services from.

… And if I have to read another shareholder whinge about how this government owes them something, I will want to slap them across the face for being fat greedy pigs. The government owes shareholders nothing. They bought, they knew regulations were on the horizon.. Idiots.

.. And the same above applies to anyone who calls a Telstra reseller a leech, or getting regulated, below cost, discounted prices. That’s absolute trash.

There are some people seriously blind to the basic logic at play here.

Oh, and for those wondering.. Christopher had no answer to my question. Because its the truth. Telstra Wholesale doesn’t sell services below cost. They are full of shit. If you want to listen to shit, go read the shareholder crap on Telstra’s Now We Are Bullshitting website.

It seriously is full of shit.


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