Tax Cuts Better Spent

Thinking recently about the announcement of tax cuts by both sides of government if elected, the result would be around $1,700 back in the hands of taxpayers a year.

That’s a bit of money, sure.

Will many miss it should they simply spend that money elsewhere? No! They probably wouldn’t.

Tax cuts are useful to some people, but what if instead of giving those dollars back, they instead invested that $34 billion.

What could you do with $34 billion dollars?

A lot!

Ask Telstra what they’d do with a contribution from the government of $34 billion (and they were not allowed to pocket it).

Ask Hospitals what they’d do with $34 billion.

Ask Schools / TAFE / Uni what they’d do with $34 billion!

You get the idea right?

$34 billion is a lot of money, so much money that it’d be able to see the OPEL broadband network foot print expanded over the top of itself some 16 or 17 times. That’s a lot more coverage!

But $34 billion might be better spent on perhaps school resources to ensure our kids study more science instead of religion, or police resources to fight the sick crimes the dumbshits of this world are committing, or hospitals get big kickers in funding to ensure that they are equipped to save as many lives as possible, or invest it in rail and make faster, faster, faster rail services from the outer areas of capital cities to go directly to the city centre, solving a majority of the housing crisis that people are having issues with now.

This really does make a bad voting decision. Vote Labor, they are planning large tax cuts. Vote Coalition, they are planning large tax cuts.

Who is going to spend big dollars on ensuring the future is more fruitful, instead of leaving it continue, or even degrade as a result of mass infrastructure under funding?

Give a police officer a pay rise, and perhaps he might do a bit more work in catching criminals.
Give a doctor a pay rise, and he might spend some spare time of his own researching cures to conditions.
Give a teacher more money, and they might push the children harder to be achievers instead of under educated criminals.

Why on earth refund to the taxpayer when there is still a LOT more work this country needs done?

Seriously both parties don’t think the work is done do they?

Surely they don’t think they can upgrade the nation’s infrastructure, with $34 billion less funding?

Australia, we have idiots running the nation, take your pick, both sides are just as dumb as each other.


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