Staples, staples, staples…

We lifted up the carpet in our hallway first.

My expectation was that the floor boards outside the bathroom would be wet, soaked, water stains visible – even possibly rotted around the edges.

Not so – they actually are pretty dry and look good. We can’t say that about the carpet though, so full of dust, dirt, sand, stained, and … crap- We had THAT on our floors.

The floor boards have paint, where some careless @#!$ had forgot a drop sheet, and so the ceiling white needs to be sanded up, along with the skirting board paint sprinkles.

That’s all OK, I got some 80 grit sand paper specifically for the paint spots we found, the sanding, whilst a little time consuming is OK.

The oil we plan to use (but are yet to actually decide on), is a product called “Orange Tung Oil“, which is a blend of orange oil and pure tung oil. Tung oil has benefits over linseed oil, and the orange oil, apparently will make it apply easier. It’ll be all natural as both items are natural products to begin with.

We’ve asked a few questions of the supplier, to see if the finish will be as smooth as a polyurethane finish, or if we could achieve a similar result, and to clarify the required amount of oil.

My partner had the idea to rip up the carpet, no idea what her thoughts were, but she sold it to be on the basis we’d have little problem cleaning it. The lack of dust will make the job worth it. A simple sweep.

The kids love it too, the first night was the hallway, we had it relatively clean, the kids used that as the play area instead of the carpeted, 4 x 3m play room.

The devil is in the detail though, the floor boards all have staples around the outside from where an older carpet installation had just been ripped out, and staples left, then then put the newer tack style stripping down, and laid the carpet on top of that.

So, we have to pull several staples out, and try and do so with minimal damage to the boards.

The other issue, floor boards and echo. Sound bounces right off them, and so our hallway has an arena or basement effect when some noise is going on, this became very evident to the kids, who decided it would make a great area for making noises of insanely high decibel values.

Today, we finished the playroom, which was actually pretty good with the orbital sander, and the lounge room, which had a disturbing black, dark patch in the corner. We had our lounge there, so it wasn’t us. The tenants in here had a coffee table with a LCD screen above it, so perhaps they spilt something there – it stunk.

The floors now are pretty clean, we had the kids running circles around the lounge room for the afternoon (again, noisy), and that remains empty, so we setup camp in the playroom at the moment, which is a much more cosier, more comfortable place for a lounge room. Too bad it’ll be the Kitchen in a few years.

They appear to be Cypress Pine boards, so will clean up and the Tung Oil will give it a transparent finish tadalafil tablets.

No vacuuming, no stains, quick water clean up, no dust build up, easy maintenance. I can’t scientifically say “Better Air Quality” – the carpet holding as much ‘crap’ as it did, would suggest we would have better air quality. Aside from the noise (and the job made that much more difficult with hundreds of staples to remove), I’m not sure of any serious negatives.

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