Sol sizes up!

Sol Sizes Up More Than His Skill
Image Article is here

Sol Trujillo, Telstra CEO above, seems to be sizing something up, using his fingers.

Some thoughts on what it could be (and no, I don’t think I’ll take the cheap shot that is blindingly obvious):

Sizing up future profit forecast?
Perhaps Sol has started to realise that his role in Telstra likely caused a negative reputation for the company, and the picture is sizing up Telstra’s possibly ‘SMALL’ profit forecast..

Management capabilities?
The article linked above seems to suggest that Sol Trujillo doesn’t seem to want to do much in the way of managing and instead wants a fight with political parties. Perhaps Sol has realised his management strategy and/or capabilities are going to get ‘SMALL’ results?

Perhaps Sol has seen the exit numbers, and they aren’t looking so good, and so it’s looking like a ‘SMALL’ year?

Chance of success in his plan?
Perhaps Sol has realised his plan has a ‘SMALL’ chance of success?

Brain mass?
Sol has sized up brain mass, and discovered his might be ‘SMALL’?

Performance Bonus?
Perhaps Sol has found his performance is sub par, and he is getting a ‘SMALL’ performance bonus?

Ok, I think that’s all we can bite at him with at the moment!

Of course, none of the above can be taken as anything close to correct information, so don’t treat it as such. What we see in the picture is a picture of “Sol Trujillo” and his showing a us a “SMALL” gap.

My first few impressions was, why is he emphasising small?
He is the CEO of Telstra, he should be thinking big. Maybe he has nothing big.
.. to look forward to with Telstra at the moment.


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