Shock: Labor actually loses my vote in under 24 hours!

This election is a close one. A remarkably close one.

Policies from both sides are both favourable and the result of gross incompetence. Unfortunately, picking the party that offers what a voter might want is TOUGH.

Just 24 hours after I had come to a good stronger (not solid) decision to perhaps give KRudd my vote, I was then reminded again by the National Farmers Federation and a poster on Whirlpool over the plan to scrap that $2 billion fund which produces $400 million in interest to fund, and keep regional Australia ahead, saving it from the situation where it will just get left behind by nearly all serious competitors, and the small carriers couldn’t survive with Telstra backhaul pricing.

Labor lost the vote. I’m back to considering the Coalition for the good policy decisions they have made, and trying to look past the flap ups they have made, such as selling Telstra in one peice.

Previously that was going to be enough for me to boot them out on their ass. But that changed, due to a few factors, but one of which is the OPEL announcement, and the Expert Taskforce to help settle and fix the problem.

Not a bad idea. Still would have been faster, better, stronger to split them at the start of it, but too late for that.

With the lack of anything better, we have no real choice but to stay with what has previously ‘worked’.

Scrapping that $2 billion fund is going to hurt Regional Australia. The interest funds investment in that area, something that is definitely required.

Why can’t we just see a quick summary of both parties and make a decision from that? Easy answered, both would be near carbon copy with only minor differences setting them apart. Of course the Regional Communications Fund is a not so minor issue, but not major. Enough to make me change my mind though.

And a few weeks back, I thought people selling votes on eBay were being stupid. Now, they were doing a smart thing. The election is so close on policies, that no matter who you vote for, you’ll get a slice of bad moves, a slap of incompetence, a poorly designed tax cut, a further lack of infrastructure investment, and 3 years to determine if you would ever vote for such a government again.

Not one of them really is speaking to me. I can see past all their targetted at the lower class population crap (ie. WorkChoices is bad mmmkay, We’ll pay for Health, we pay education costs, yah?).

Actually, just Tuesday, a good observation about the ALP.

They claim they have a plan to fix Global Warming. Let me tell you, the plan isn’t to reduce it, at least, not from my experience. On Tuesday, in my local area, I saw a bus, carrying no passengers (and not designed to carry passengers) was simply driving around displaying painted ALP branding on it.

Immediately my thoughts were. If they were so caring for the environment, why contribute to the damage by running a bus all day with no passengers and no real purpose except advertising?

That again would cost them the vote. Hypocritical policies don’t wear well with me.

Elections. Are they really worth it?


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