Seven finishes Unwired Takeover

In a move that might see rapid deployment of WiMAX technology on the Unwired network, Seven has finally finished its takeover of Unwired.

They reached the 93 percent threshold where they could perform a compulsory acquisition of the remaining 7% of shares, and have done just that.

Seven’s ownership of Unwired will result in at least 2 objectives being carried out (it’s certain they plan to proceed with a WiMAX rollout, the reason for taking Unwired out in the first place).

1. They will deploy WiMAX to use as a content delivery platform (ie. TiVO / IPTV type services).
2. Broadband. There’s dollars in mobile broadband, and in setting up a WiMAX network, they’ll be able to get down and dirty in broadband.
3. Telephony. With Broadband gobbled up, they can complement all offerings with Engin VoIP.

.. all the while not even breathing in Telstra’s direction, and in fact taking more away from Telstra.

By setting up customers with WiMAX connections for Internet Access, IPTV and also VoIP, Telstra will effectively go from their so called “cheerful” $50 ARPU, down to exactly $0 ARPU for those users who engage in take up of Seven’s offerings.

Wouldn’t it be sad for Sol to fail in his objectives of increasing ARPU. Well, I know one thing is for sure, he isn’t getting a single dollar more out of me. No ARPU increase at all.

This change isn’t likely to mature into the market until mid 2008 at the earliest (the same time certainty around FTTN should be starting to FORM). If we look at the landscape, and the future look of the industry, and changes likely to occur, 2009 is where most of the fun is happening.

1. OPEL will have its network completed by mid 2009.
2. PIPE will have its international cable in the ocean by 2009.
3. Seven, moving aggressively will have WiMAX on the Unwired network in a near timeframe.
4. Google’s Unity project might take off and also see similar.
5. Telstra’s own international cable will be laid.
6. FTTN will likely have been decided and built by 2009.

It’s all happening in 2009, so don’t forget to mark it on your Calendar :).


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