It’s far too easy.

A simple and short – I’m gone in 2 weeks is easily done.

I was reading through a new employment offer just now, and it’s amazing how ‘less concerned’ I could be of the minor details. I was actually writing these in here, and then I saw the Confidentiality terms.

And I then see the confidentiality terms and it’s amazing that the agreement itself is also confidential. So I can’t say anything more – got a job offer, for an unknown company.

What I can do is say I’ll be taking a pay cut, no longer working at home, but hopefully less boredom, and some more options for career advancement.

I’ve realised something I should have done when I was younger was form a career plan. It would have helped me see where I was going and even take different paths. I would not necessarily rule out something outside of the IT sector altogether for example.

I’m sort of annoyed at where I am at the moment, the advertisement for the position noted ‘advancement opportunities’ and that is just not going to eventuate with the company I am with at the moment. They seem to think having a person doing ‘nearly nothing’ for a large portion of a day, every day is ideal (no kidding, suggested two different options, even giving up work at home for a good portion of it, and the answer of ‘No’ just makes you wonder what it is they expect of a person each day).

Time to move on, in the hope of more options for advancement (or at the least, staying within the IT scope I’ve tried to position into – what I do at the moment has very little relevance).
It’s time to move on, because I couldn’t think any less of my current tasks and some of the people involved. It’s not good for them – they are throwing away money or me – wasting time with a company that has no real future for me.

The suggested future was a sales related role, I replaced “Stick it up your arse” with something a lot nicely worded.

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