Rain Rain Go Away

Items on the list of things to take care of involve the garden out the back – I need to move our passionfruit to the back fence, the small garden bed they are in was never supposed to be permanent, they are taking off with shoots and these need to be on a trellis.

It was all planned to be moved this weekend, but there is rain, so that’s not happening today.

Then, I need to get the car ready for rego, which is simply getting it up on the ramps and checking for rust, leaks and making sure it’s running fine. It makes sense to get it a full fluid change too, so I’ve got everything ready, but Thursday my back and neck begin to act up (an ongoing issue), leaving me thinking it won’t get better. I was going to do it anyway – a little pain is nothing to worry about.

But, the rain, I’d have to have everything getting wet whilst changing out the fluids and that’s just not a good idea. So the car is going to have to wait til either during the week or next weekend (when it is actually due for rego).

I’ve also got to get the back wheel off and figure out what’s the noise that’s happening under compression of the back wheels – someone I spoke with today suggested the shocks or springs. Needs to be looked at, I should have looked at it after the incident but it’s just not been too much of an issue (just a noise really).

Then today I think about the brake lights and figure we could probably fix them (the bottom set work, just not the top). The spoiler light has been disabled too (just like the ABS system – what is it with our brake setup..).

I can’t do anything about our Chicken situation either (the people we visited today have really good growing tomatoes and I think the chook leavings are really what is responsible, they didn’t feed them up – but they do have a pest issue with tomatoes just like we did).

The rainwater tanks aren’t performing too well either, which makes things worse as I should have fixed the tank behind the shed months ago (it’s just not filling up for some reason).

Rain Rain, Go Away. My weekend.

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