Product Downsizing: McDonald’s just one of the many.

Ever had a McDonald’s Big Mac? – What a stupid question, I’m sure you’d have had one by now.

Anyway, McDonald’s Big Mac has been increasing in price, repeatedly.

One thing remains to increase, and instead, sees a decrease, and that’s the actual burger.

A Big Mac used to be fairly large when they first came out. They shrunk to a medium sized burger in the 2003 – 2005 years.

It’s now 2007.

I swear, after getting one today at the local McDonald’s, I’ve seen much, much, much bigger cheeseburgers, then that of the alledged Big Mac that we purchased today.

Further, the Big Mac, years ago retailed for just $4.95.

Now, it’s selling at $7, and has shrunk so much it’s hardly BIG at all.

I didn’t take the camera with me, but it was one of those Kodak moments where you just wish you had a camera to take a photo to clearly demonstrate what I am talking about.

A BIG MAC was BIG. It’s now small.

They’ve downsized the product dramatically, and there’s been no downsize in price, which is completely poor. The prices of products haven’t risen that much.

Other products seeing downsizing include the rather funny Domino’s 3 cm ‘Large Pizza’ downsize.
Eagle Boys launched an amusing attack against Domino’s for doing that, using the RTA ad theory and applying it to Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s argument when asked by News was: “Pizza Hut did it”. Funny. How is it Pizza Hut’s fault that Domino’s are doing it..?

Hungry Jacks said it best when they said: “The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks”. Truly, there is no better burger, than that from HJs (when it comes to ‘Fast Food’ burgers, local shops probably better them all, but that’s another story).


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