Powering the planet

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the planet, global warming, and greenhouse gases, so on about the damage power plants alone are doing to our planet.

What damage exactly do current power operations do to the planet?
1. The burning of coal produces smoke, and that smoke isn’t “cold”.
2. The smoke from coal power plants pushes the temperature up, and pollutes the planet.
3. Power poles are needed to string power cables to premises (and get replaced when a moron wraps his car around it).
And that’s just the obvious.

So how can this be improved? Easy.

Our very own government can help out protecting our planet from the gases and problems associated with current power generation, and here’s what they can do.
1. Offer grants for taking up Solar. Either hot water only, or Solar Panels on new home roof’s, and a rebate given. They do the same with “gas conversion for cars”, and “water tanks”, and “new water wise washing machines”. The only missing element is either Solar Hot Water rebates, or Solar Panel power rebates.

2. Energy Companies start phasing out power pole replacement, and instead replace with Solar power panels, or better yet, as they replace them add a solar panel to the top of each pole, that’d surely provide “some improvement” over time, with regard to reducing greenhouse gases, and further, help reduce power bills.

3. Make like Foxtel do with Installation, and basically install into new properties at very low cost (as a loss), and make it back with connection fees and so on (hey, Telstra do it).

So, there are some very basic improvements that can be done to reduce greenhouse gases, and even cut down our power bills… Why don’t they do it?

At a guess, they make around 8c/KWH, with Solar power, there’d be push to drop prices, and thus profits. Our government isn’t powerless with reducing greenhouse gases. I’m interested in their own views about this matter. Election time might be the time we see some of these views?

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