PC Crash problems solved

I solved my crashing PC issue today.

I didn’t need a new power supply, just a different card.

I upgraded from the 256MB AGP 8x fx5500 by Gigabyte, to a 256MB AGP 8x GeForce 6200.

I have to say, the difference is pretty good:
Games run smoother.
Passmark’s BurnInTest (the 3D Graphics test) scores around 15fps, and it looks nice and smooth.
And, my regular few games I play (when I do play games) do seem a fair bit smoother.

On top of that, I did some other things today, such as:
1. Move a 120GB drive to a 320GB drive. – Ghost, FTW.
2. Installed my AGP card.
3. Installed my old AGP card into the same system I was stealing the 120GB drive from.
4. Worked with the two 120GB HDD’s, tomorrow’s post will go into detail :).

I’m coding a few items at the moment too.

One of which is a different page display method for OzVoIPStatus.

The idea is to make it so dynamic, and flexible, that I won’t have to edit multiple files to make changes, and make it a bit more modulated.

And with that, I can extend the feature set better. For example, I could code features knowing several services would be active, so time with error checks is saved to a degree, not that I would allow many errors to escape untrapped either.

Oh, and here’s something else interesting that happened today.
I was under the impression I would need a new PSU, so I began ringing around a few of the PC shops from white pages.

First off the list was CAT computers, a local computer shop in the same area I live. Check out their lame attempt at a website here: http://www.categorycomputers.com – made in 2006. Pretty poor effort, for a business if you ask me. I’ve actually coded tools that keep shops in sync!

I contacted them, and explained what I wanted, and why I wanted the PSU, stating that it was blue screening due to what seems to be high power consumption, during game play.

The logic behind this is simple, a graphics card which wants to power two monitors with a TV, a P4 3.0 – 630 CPU all sucking full load to process the sudden real time workload thrown at it. I came to this after proving that all other hardware was good, another graphics card was good, and with the problematic graphics card in, disconnecting 2 HDDs saw it work fine.

The idiot at the other end of the line told me a few things, one was that they were out of stock on anything over 430W – great, what’s the point?, the case they sold me a little while ago states 400W on the PSU, but can’t actually supply 400W reliably, and “My diagnosing method is incorrect.”, “That’s why I don’t run a computer shop, and he does”, “I should bring my system in and let them look at it”.

Let me answer one question now. I don’t run a computer shop, because I’m far too good to be selling fans and PSU’s on my Saturday for a measily $5 – $10 off each sale.
Further, I can earn a lot more doing my much more enjoyable tasks that match my skillset, and not bother with formatting drives cause Papa decided that tax”xxx” time comes every night with a pr0n website crawl.

I find that very insulting, considering how in depth I went into, to investigating and finding the issue, and proving it beyond a simple imaginary concept, see my blog posts:

Now, just reading those posts alone, would you say my testing method is incorrect? That the issue isn’t as I found to be a power issue, and something else wrong with my system?

The point is anyway, insulting a customer is simply not right.

I don’t buy much from them. Only large purchases and the once in a while cheap purchase.
For example, from them I have bought the following:

My case.
Another person’s case.
A web camera.
A case fan.
A case fan.
A case fan.
Some extension cables.
and just those general other odd purchases.

Anyway, those purchases, they won’t be getting. It’s an extra 20 minutes to Tuggerah, but I think there’s businesses over there that likely deserve it, and without the insults.

I didn’t spend several years with computers, researching hardware, software and receiving:

3650A – Connect Hardware Peripherals – Credit
3650G – Operate Computer Hardware – Credit
3650J – Maintain Equipment and Consumables – Credit
3652A – Connect internal hardware components – Distinction
3651C – Run Standard Diagnostic Tests – Distinction
3650C – Maintain system Integrity – Credit
3651F – Migrate to new use of technology – Pass
3651D – Provide Advice to Clients – Distinction
3653D – Determine and Action Problem – Distinction

… among others also completed to be told…

“Your diagnostic method is incorrect. You need to bring it in for us to look at.”.

I think that in completing a Certificate IV in Information Technology, and receiving a Credit Grade well and truly demonstrates that I can at the very least troubleshoot a problem, and get to the bottom of it.

You see, they only make $5 or so off a sale in the computer hardware industry. I consider myself better than that, and I generally make more coding the crap that empowers some businesses in the industry, or subsets of it.
But stating to me that I didn’t know what I was doing was rude, and disrespectful. Such a business doesn’t deserve my business.

It’s just me. I can find an issue, even if it takes all week to zero in on it. I’ll get to the bottom of it, and I’ll find a way of fixing it. I’m a problem solver, its a personal quality of mine, and I use my problem solving skills in better areas compared to simple computer hardware troubleshooting.

Moving off that topic, before I do take my system down and show him “I > him”.

Tomorrow’s post (assuming a cable gets here) should be about the HDD that I worked with today and had some fun with.

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3 Responses to PC Crash problems solved

  1. Dieter says:

    Would a Doctor diagnose you illness over a telephone or would you need to make an appointment?

    Secondly what gives you the right to expect free support?

    And thirdly I am suing you for deformation of character.

    We are wondering why other clients don’t have the same problem as you are having.

    A word of advice please use a decent VOIP connection so people can understand you.

    Thank you.

  2. maty says:

    A doctor? Man its a pc shop, not a doctors surgery, and by the sounds of it he told them the problems and the pc shop didnt want to help, just wanted to get their $80 service fee..

    As for for free support, if im buying a part from any pc shop, i would like to be able to chat to the salesperson about why im buying this new part and ask for advice.. Thats why u go to a pc shop..

    As for your other customers, well mums and dads dont care and will bring their porn riddled pc’s in for u to format.. Dont forget there is a larger market of power users, who probably know more than the local pc shop.

    As for suing BAHAHAHA nice one, you dont know aussie law to well, here “your all idiots at CAT computers” now sue me aswell bitch. rofl

  3. maty says:

    i forgot to say

    thank you

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