OzVoIPStatus: Update Delayed

Unfortunately (and its very unfortunate), the update I planned to release tonight isn’t going to go ahead as planned due to an issue with a particular provider.

The particular provider issue wasn’t determined until just recently, but has been fixed.

The reason for the delay? Well, I was investigating that issue and the time it took to isolate and correct it, was the time that should have gone into finishing off a last few lines of code, and then taking the site offline so I could integrate it all.

The changes are all backend, but they will affect the front end to some extent as a direct result.

I also took the time today to do a few other things, like watch a movie – nothing entertaining, was “Santa Clause 3”, pretty plain really, none the less, it was a break away.

Then, I got my night driving section ticked off in my log book in a nice long drive towards Budgewoi and back – it’s more of a highway stretch of road, so wasn’t town style night driving, and therefore made a little more complex, than that experienced in the suburban streets I’d rarely find myself on at a night.

So, therefore, it wasn’t completely error free, with a few instances exceeding the speed limit (it’s a 90K street, I kept dropping back to 80K- my limited limit, but continually found myself over the limit a few times), and a little distraction caused me to nearly touch the kerb, pulled away and corrected though.

But indeed, it is made more complex in darker highway conditions, when compared to that of regular streets, such as the well lit up Wyong Road.

Aside from that, I was pretty much error free, mainly due to the time, and the stretch of road being a straight ahead drive really, so no real blind spots to check, no turns to make, no giving way, no stop signs, no entering traffic, … none of the standard traffic conditions you’d be exposed to on a general mix of road conditions.

But, it got the night drive ticked off, so that works for me.

This week is an exciting week! I have a few things I am taking care of, such as the finalisation of a released website, the new system for my partner, getting my internal server back online, hopefully finding time to finish off what I was doing today, a few other projects and some more excitement.

All in the lead up to the most exciting weekend you’ll find in around 3 years, the federal election on Saturday, which really is looking for a Labor win, and my thoughts recently suggest voting Labor, because the way Howard is going against drugs, our crime rate is likely to increase.

He plans to withhold Centrelink funds from those who are convicted of drug offences and only allow vital purchasing.

The problem with that is a drug addict or not, they’ll get the drugs. They’ll resort to lives of crimes, crimes that will harm innocent members of the public.

Better having them shooting themselves up, then causing more work for our police indirectly, by withholding Centrelink funds.

It’s a disaster if they take the drugs away from them, because, they’ll steal to get the drugs. Drug dealing and drug usage affect the selected individuals only (generally), and with the supply being taken away, they’ll simply find a new way of getting their supply. Crime will become the answer. And instead of select individuals being affected, members of the public will also suffer.

I agree with his stance on intervening on Child Abuse in NT, fantastic move to clean the area up of Child Abuse. Children were affected.

This move however? Seems to be more about winning votes, by being seen as doing something about drugs.

Indirectly, creating more problems.

A vote for Rudd will see some good dollars spent over the nation, that’s probably what’s going to win me over at this rate, though I can see Labor State governments have bad debts, so perhaps we can instead later, put Costello back in if they do push the nation into a defecit, and the Liberals will again save the nation.

Better having a debt than having a nation of crime, pushed by poorly thought out drug policies.

A whirlpool poll reveals a 77% Labor win, when asked “What sort of Government will Australia have” – with notes that state not necessarily who you will vote for.

77% believe we will have a Labor government. Just 18% believe it will be Coalition.

Of course, that’s only 174 users, and the polls in main stream generic media suggest that its more close, and might even see a Coalition win.. It has happened, it can happen.

Here’s hoping that not necessarily the Coalition or Labor, but “The Best Party” wins.


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