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Seeing the site run more today, has revealed that the accuracy of the monitoring is increasing considerably, to the extent that outages are at new lows.

The outage log shows that in the last 24 hours, there have been just 3 outages in total, with the most notable being VitalTel, who went down at 9am today, and hasn’t yet given a pulse towards getting back online at midnight.

I’ve tested this directly, and all I can gather is the IP is responding to PING, but SIP and IAX2 requests are simply getting rejected by the host.

The monitoring is revealing really high levels of monitoring accuracy, I don’t pay much attention to outages under a minute, considering they aren’t worth even counting.

The network, the providers and the VoIP services in general seem to be seeing better monitoring, and the end result seems to be a reliable service available to end users using VoIP.

In unrelated, but still somewhat linked news, ADSL2+ services are going to be available on my exchange “Soon”. An update to ADSL2Exchanges today saw my exchange get the Optus marker added, and a lot of providers are now available.

So, we can now piss Telstra’s HomeLine Budget plan off, and instead of paying $20 + 85 for internet and phone (Note: $20 when Telstra doesn’t stuff up and charge us for items clearly marked “FREE” on the bill and promotion – CHECK YOUR BILLS FOLKS!!!), we can simply get faster internet access with the same levels of data, better upstream bandwidth, for just $85 with phone ($60 net, $25 phone).

The end result is even better, the ULL costs for our area are in the ball park of $17. That means we screw Telstra out of even more money, party!.

Today, we decided to go get some quotes on fridges over at Erina. As well, get some toys from the toy shop.

After consulting them good folk over at The Good Guys, I’ve got a bargain fridge in mind to replace our power guzzling fridge.

I’m not convinced from my measurements however, that the fridge is using near that 1110 it claims it can use annually, so I’m going to base it off a week worth of monitoring. The idea is to get the result up to next week and then take that, multiply by 52 and that’ll be good enough to determine the payback time for the new fridge.

I’m estimating 8 years factoring in Electricity rises in the face of declining use (no, not global warming after all), So that would be worth it. If we are looking at past the average lifetime of the fridge, it might not be really worth it.

I give a fridge 10 – 15 years, though, I’m sure many can tell me stories from the 1980s of fridges of 50 years or more. Heck, my first flat I had a fridge that no kidding, weighed a ton. From the upper balancy we could have thrown it off (would require a few heavy lifters), and it’d litterally shatter the concrete. It was ONE heavy fridge. And it was certainly an old fridge. It’s one strong point: It kept food cold, and it kept it really cold.

Our main focus on power has been the peak load, reducing it, to a sustainable level where we aren’t detrimentally effected (for example, turning off the TV for 2 weeks would be considered detrimental), our motivation, not necessarily the dollars (though they do form a strong basis of measurement), but rather, a combination of environmental good (I can also be Mr. Nice) and focus on better usage of the usage of power resources.

On that note, today set me back even further on fixing them pages on OzVoIPStatus, I plan to at first upgrade the code on pages, and then get a new layout happening after wards, so hopefully a start on that can happen tomorrow.

The system at the back seems to be running nice. The website is where attention is now going to happen, where I’ve got many plans to focus on and deliver some results!


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