OzVoIPStatus: Provider Status Logos: DONE!

I’ve got them out, yes.

They’ve sat idle on my dev server for a while. But at last, we now have OzVoIPStatus VoIP Provider Status Logos.

Stick em on your blog, website, wherever you like, and show off just how reliable (or unreliable) your VoIP provider really is.

More details on the OzVoIPStatus News Page. If you do use a logo, please link back to OzVoIPStatus. People can check the outage data, and see what’s occurred, and so forth. Plus, I’ll consider it a return favour for all the work I put into that site over now, and into the future! If you don’t, that’s fine too, but I’d rather the link :P.

Also, I’ve added 2 servers today, Engin NSW and Engin Vic. My source on those said they were on Engin’s network, and he didn’t seem to suggest they were BYO servers.

Now, if that’s the case, and they are on Engin’s locked network, we can get some great idea of reliability of engin’s locked network, and just see how well it matches up to regular VSPs like PennyTel and the like, who only seem to have one server, and seem to cope VERY WELL. No, exceptionally well for a single server operation.

Also, I do plan to get my own local (development) setup running internally so I can monitor some providers locally and see how the performance is, and what the new Asterisk is like.

I’m surprised to see a comment here from Philip Argy, ACS. Who claimed we needed 30Gbps bandwidth. I sort of do agree that being a leader is good for development, don’t get me wrong, development is good, but if we get too far in front, the core might just dump or a memory leak occur, and that’s my angle on it. Let the memory leaks get found and the core dumps found on someone elses watch, give us something solid, reliable. The downside is, as Philip suggested, that we get set back a fair bit behind others who are right on the bleeding edge, so we sort of do want some of that action.

Maintaining a good balance there would be ideal.

My final response on that article would be: I don’t really care about 20 years from now, right now. I just want faster upload right now. That’s what I really want. Better value, and faster speeds, we can get right into a future proofing plan when we catch up to today’s speeds.

OzVoIPStatus is going to keep getting more and more work. I have .. mountains of plans for it. And I will go through with them, just in time.

Enjoy your logos, display them proud, or unproud if you have a unreliable VSP, or better, move to a reliable VSP and display it proudly.

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