Oz VoIP Status Reset

I’ve reset all the stats on Oz VoIP Status, the reason being – we changed colocation provider, the statistics and monitoring since the change has been sooo much better, that it’s unfair to the providers to leave the existing outages in place.

So, I reset them all – everybody is back to 100%. Latency is reset, the highest is 68ms, to a provider in Perth, the lowest 6.4ms to a provider in Sydney.

I’ve reworked some of the outage back end, after an iiNet representative raised issues with the outage logging.

There was an alternative -remove all the outages in question, recalculate the uptime, but I want the latency to reflect what is current, and this is the best way to do that.

So, for now, I’ll monitor it and see which providers lose the 100% lead, and have a look at what happens there.

I predict Netspace will be the first, as they for some reason have no replies at 4am every morning.

I had a new website layout in preparation some time ago – it’s still back there in the ‘preparation’ stage as my job keeps me busy, and it takes a fair amount of effort and time to pick up from where I left off.

I’ll do it someday..

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