Now, where did we put that nameserver? We split it up? Into 31 peices?

I’m absolutely surprised by this recent stuff up of a webhost that has caused a few issues for a few people.

I won’t name the host or the company involved, as they are liable to take the action that a few people seem to take, when I write something that isn’t promoting them.

Let’s get into the issue.
The domain that is affected isn’t able to be resolved on Bigpond or Optus connections, and perhaps many other ISPs as well.

The issue has gone on for a few days now, and hasn’t even been touched.

The responses from the nameservers that aren’t returning results seems to indicate that it can’t find the nameserver requested.

The actual issue, is the record is duplicated or split into 31 records: 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS 3600 IN A 3600 IN A 3600 IN A 3600 IN A

and several more A records for, all with different IPs. 86400 IN A

As far as I do know, and I claim to know a lot, you can’t have multiple A records for a NS record.

Doing so causes the DNS system to become confused, because a nameserver requires 1, single, static IP.

And the transcript of the session, employer to employee would be something like this:

Employer: Why did you add multiple A records, with different IPs for a static nameserver?
Employee: I was creating redundancy boss.
Employer: Yes, you were creating your own redundancy, Don’t come Monday.

How stupid do you get? More importantly, how do they get jobs? Such incompetence, and letting it go on for several days, and failing to TEST the changes made.

I have no real idea why someone would do such a thing like that, unless they thought they were creating redundancy (the whole idea behind having multiple IPs, though its generally all done on the single line, and not multiple.

I find it increasingly surprising that incompetent people get jobs in IT, where a lot of demand is placed by customers, when things get borked up.

You can’t grow a business at all with the wrong staff. You really do need to ensure you have the staff at the frontline, or administering the back end, fully knowing the service / product by the back of their hand, and if they don’t, get the whip out and make em find out.

If this was a LARGER, BIGGER company, well, first, they’d never have made such a stupid stuff up, but more importantly, customers would be leaving by masses, due to such stupidity.

They all rely on the push button web interface to do the job for them, and it does the job well, except, you still need a little more than half a brain to do the job properly.

Anyway, the idea here is that companies should carefully screen employees, make sure they are fit for the task, and aren’t about to – screw – things up completely for them, and the clients they service.

Now, we gotta play the waiting game to see when Mr. Incompetent gets back to work and sees the error of his ways, IF he sees the error of his ways.

Please whip the staff. Just screw ups cost businesses money. Probably more than Mr. Incompetent makes a year.

On other news, Telstra seem to have reacted even more badly to news of competition, with news of Optus getting a $600 million dollar government subsidy to provide network services to regional users: Good on ya Optus, love ya work.
See this article:Telstra fury on fast net subsidy. Telstra are furious they might actually have to compete now. Ohh, poor babies. Grow a …. brain, and use it.

Hopefully, $600 million goes a long way to getting me faster internet, at great prices.

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