Nothing Is Impossible

I’ve always thought that anyone who claims something is possible is simply wrong. I’ve seen the same thought used as a quote later on, by someone else:
“Anyone who claims something is impossible is too lazy to find a way”.

I think that summarises the thought clearly, and I get reminded of it each time when my 5 year old wants something.

“Can we do X?”
“No, I’m working at the moment.”
“Oh, get mum to work then.”

“Can you play ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf”
“Not at the moment, I’m helping <the 1 year old>”
“To which he will reply, “put her down then””.

He doesn’t see something as impossible, he sees an alternative solution to the problem.

Recently, we were down at the lake, the water level has risen, and covers a timber jetty, enough that the jetty is covered, but not too deep. And as a result of dredging activities, the water is dark and isn’t ‘clear’.

The thought at the time was, you could walk on water – it’s not impossible, you just need the right circumstances. Of course, that was only a random thought.

The rate of technology advancement is incredible. So incredible, that if something is impossible, it won’t be for long.

I’m thinking at the moment, as I sit here on a Acer TravelMate 4670, with a CPU that runs at around 1Ghz – and wireless of 54Mbps. What are we looking at for our kids when they are 25?

I’m fairly sure whatever they are using, will be mobile, very mobile, small, wireless, very long battery life. Speeds that exceed today’s super computers.

What exact challenges will they be solving (considering the point that nothing is impossible)?

It’s all very unclear, we can look at our history and see that the world as we know it will be vastly different when they are older. And as always, those who don’t adapt, will be left behind.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

I’m happy that he doesn’t immediately see something as impossible, that he can adequately find solutions to problems presented to him. Even if that still means that he can’t have his desired resolution. The mere suggested resolution (as opposed to accepting whatever X excuse) shows he can really think on his feet.

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