Next, Next, Next, Next Generation Broadband

Next Generation Broadband was ADSL2+ and VDSL2.
Next Next Generation Broadband will most likely be FTTN.
Next Next Next Generation Broadband will almost certainly be FTTH.

But what comes after that I hear you ask? (or do I?).

Next, Next, Next, Next Generation Broadband.

That’s right, after FTTH (if we go there), we could instead end up deciding we don’t like a high fibre diet afterall.

The future of rural connections for high speeds, will almost certainly be best working as laser.
A laser can travel great distances, and can operate in all sorts of conditions (get in the way of it and the heat will just cut straight through).

So, do we bother with expensive FTTH, when perhaps a cheaper alternative (should be cheaper, doesn’t involve cables being laid), is a laser solution.

Run a Laser transmitter on your roof, and a tower on a high peak not incredibly far away has receivers ready to accept that laser goodness, and turn it to and from data for a internet connection.

Wireless might have capabilities now, but it’s probably not going to be the longest term solution. It might have a lifespan of 30 years or so.

Laser will be the internet of the future if they can get the technology right, and consumer connections, just like houses, can be wireless in the year 2050.

Much the same way infrared works, Laser could be done similarly, and avoid the problems associated with wireless technologies guesswork (essentially it works by just screaming out, and accepting screams). Laser would be a direct phase light aimed at receiving panels, and therefore ensuring direct connectivity.

The speeds reached on Laser aren’t completely known, but what I have just discovered, thanks to a fellow whirlpool user revealing it,
The technology is known as HSLDT (High Speed Laser Data Transmission), and obviously would kick HSDPA’s arse, and likely give WiMAX a whipping too.

I think the future might be a wireless one after all, just not the wireless that beams randomly in every direction, and instead a wireless future, with lasers.

Think of the medical uses of such a high grade internet connection. A doctor could do a lot from transfer xrays, real time monitoring of patients at home, right on through to .. fixing eye related issues using laser eye surgery. Technology that serves multiple purposes!

That’s what I would call speed to burn!


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