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I did start this domain nearly a year ago, but never ended up finishing doing any of the several plans I had for it.

I decided that I needed a blog. But not one of those MySpace or MSN Spaces restricted blogs. Not another Blogger blog, but something I could host, and go about my own way.

The search began and finished in a matter of seconds.. WordPress. But not just any old WordPress blog, with Kubrick’s well known theme, but a better looking theme.

Here it is. TOC PCs. My blog for solutions to problems (coding, networking, linux), my blog for personal posts, my blog about Telstra’s hypocricy, my blog about hardware, my blog about .. things that matter to me.

I’ll do my best to post to this regularly. It’s a site I want to grow, and provide useful content and views to its readers.

The Elite Geek

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