Moving, Mountain Climbing and Telstra

How on earth did I put those three words in the title? Fux me.

Anyway, when you move and you have a Telstra Wholesale supplied ADSL service, doesn’t it make more sense to move every service the customer has at the same time?

It’s not like they don’t know they are moving, it’s right there in front of them.

You go to change address, and you have to move your phone over, to keep the same number (and ours is good!), and then move the ADSL over once the phone is connected.

Taking more time then necessary to do so. It’s far simpler for them to simply arrange the phone and ADSL move at the same time? They provide both services, they know the move is happening, so why not schedule the ADSL to move at the same time? That’d be too intelligent, wouldn’t it?

Another point of discussion: Telstra and its fight against Australians and its government:

Telstra, Australia elects its government. That means, those who govern Australia are doing so for a reason, because the Australian public voted, and told them to. That therefore means the Australian public wants regulated phone services to assist with promoting competiton (such a shame isn’t it. You can’t be greedy). The ACCC is the government appointed regulator, and therefore, the Australian public is in agreement (the government HAS been re-elected), that the ACCC is therefore the regulatory body to keep Telstra in line.

The ACCC takes several factors into account when deciding on how best to regulate services they are required to. They take the cost of providing the service, any income you receive directly from providing the service. Any loss you could be making from providing the service, any additional revenue (such as calls, or data) you will receive from providing that service.

It’s seen and heard the whole point of taking the issue to the High Court is basically because you feel you are having property taken from you. That’s not the case. You are simply being told that you can’t cut your competitors out of the market, by price fixing, or forcing the market to pay YOUR price.

You must be still making a fair return on LSS at $3.20 a month.. In addition to PSTN revenue on those lines of $30.36. That’s $33.56, minimum from a single service. I pay $19.95 for my land line, and use VoIP. I do my absolute best to keep as much money away from the greedy pigs at Telstra as I can, even if that means actually going with them to get the price that’ll reduce their profits. The less profits they are making, the more pressure they are under to innovate, and enhance services. That’s good for competition, the junior telcos move, and as they move the big giant is pressured into moving further. It’s a shame they don’t have any real interest in telecommunications though. They are Australia’s largest telco, and they don’t really do much to innovate. They don’t have a passion for the industry, they have a passion for fighting the Australian public and its government, and lining pockets.

They could be lining pockets, and leading the country with innovation if they actually thought about it. And also provided plans that are actually worth looking at.

Telstra and its foolishness, will we see an end to it? Maybe sometime soon.

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