Moving – its not easy

When you have a house load of stuff to move, and a short time frame (as in 24 hours), you generally get a lot more proactive.

I’m packing as I write this blog post (I wish). We change address tomorrow. We move from a flat that is in need (and finally getting) of renovations, to a older style 3 bedroom spacy house. Our first house!

I’m excited, because it’s HUGE, and it doesn’t seem to suffer from any problems this place (or address) does, such as the leaky roof, the bathroom suffering from condensation, and the lunatic that lives downstairs (see previous blog entry).

It doesn’t seem to have any flaws that are noteworthy, with the exception that one bedroom has no power point, and apparently you can’t add one to that room (I beg to differ, but then, I’m not “several electricians”).

This place isn’t all that bad, if the owners signed a termination notice or two, and put $10k or so into this place (maybe less?!) the house would be extremely kick ass. It’s a 3 bedroom, with a sunroom, kitchen in the middle, huge loungeroom (and even a chimney – that mice like to run in and out of).

Overall, the flat is in good condition. I’d love to see what they do for the renovations :).

Anyway, the last 24 hours, and the next 24 hours are busy to say the least, so, I must finish this post.

Happy Camping.

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