Movies and the dropping quality of media

I have noticed a lot recently that in the movies area, the quality of movies are dropping.

Look at the movies from 1990 to 2004, a lot are good.

Titles like:

Mission Impossible
Gone in 60 seconds
Fast and the Furious
Ice Age
Scary Movie (all of them)
Not Another Teen Movie
Ocean’s Eleven & Twelve
Saw I, II, and III
Lord of the rings (my precious – actually, not a favourite of mine)

Come to mind. All good movies that come to mind, and certainly made for great viewing.

Recent titles that absolutely suck:

Epic Movie. What a waste of time and money that was. YUCK.
Unaccompanied Minors (what was the actor from “Everybody Hates Chris” thinking ?)

… and a few others, that I can’t remember the names of, that suck.

Taking sequels too far also is a bad thing.
Pirates of the Carribean comes to mind. They certainly have attracted a good audience with that, but just how far is too far for such a movie?

If you follow trends with movies, as time rolls forward, sequels of movies tend to drop in the audience they draw, and the angle they come from. Though, some have been done good, like, I think Star Wars was a great release.

Taking them too far though can be rather suckful.

I enjoyed some recent movies though, such as Norbit (never before have a seen something so heavy take off the ground, without mechanical assistance).

EPIC movie on the other hand, worst movie ever. The best bit of the entire movie:

“Wow a chocolate river”
“That’s actually the sewer line”.

And the rest of the movie, what on earth? Where’s the story line? The movie sucked. Not just “sucked”, but “SUCKED”.

The theory here is, if they want to whinge about declining revenues due to piracy, perhaps they should give people reason to pay for it!

Just recently I was talking to someone, who indicated to me that they enjoyed getting the content for free, however, if they enjoyed watching the content, they would buy it, if they did not, they would remove it and not maintain a copy of it at all.

Makes sense to me. If they want people to open their wallets, they have to make it worth their while. Otherwise, there’s no point. They can’t compete with free, even if it is copyright infringement. They should instead leverage this technology, allow consumers to preview key parts (or the entire movie), and obviously encourage them to pay for it if they enjoyed it, and if they did not, ask them for feedback in exchange for the awful viewing, so that they can take that onboard for future movies, and gain an idea of what people like, and what they don’t like.

The data would have marketing value and if the majority started taking on the theory of trying before buying, instead of simply trying, not buying and keeping, they could see an increase in revenues.

P2P isn’t the entire problem here. Bad words travel at high speeds, so if its crap, your revenue goes away with it. On the other hand, if its good, you should see it, is what is said, then the revenues would increase.

Also, BitTorrent is a great technology for distribution, saving companies a lot of money in maintaining their own servers and paying for it. Leverage it, charge for the movies to get them legally. If you don’t like something, you should be entitled for a refund, so long as you agree not to maintain any copies of it, and obviously explain what you didn’t like about the movie for feedback.

The same could be applied to other forms of media too, including newspapers, to hopefully see the failing standards of journalism rise.

Just recently, I saw 50 to 100 megabytes mentioned in “The Age”. Such speeds require Gigabit networking, so, they obviously were talking about megabits. But from my angle it reads like the writer has NFI what they are writing about, and discredits the complete article that I don’t bother reading on. They are paid to write the crap, they should put some effort into it, and research what they are writing about, and what a megabyte and megabit are, so at the very least, they don’t look stupid to the technically informed.

The points above are what I feel are major lacking points in media, and how they are currently maintaining quality (or lack thereof).

Lift the quality, lift the sales, lift the profits.
It’s not rocket science!

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