Moved in at last

.. so it happened a week or so ago!

The entire process seemed smooth now I look back over it. We selected the place we liked, we went to the bank, had a chat about what’s possible, and then put a deposit on. Building reports came back as expected, no problems there.
Closer to settlement, everything was on track all set to go ahead.

On settlement, they failed to provide the title.. Idiots. How do you lose the title to the house. A bit of background information revealed the owners actually paid for the house in full, and just never collected the title.

Another settlement attempt later, it failed.

Finally, 3rd time lucky, it settled!

Excitement continued in and out of suspended mode, whilst the keys were in our hands and the previous asbestos based roof was replaced with a new Deep Ocean Colorbond roof, at under $20k, it appears to have really bought out a better looking house than before we purchased.

Asbestos roofing tends to look ‘crap’ after aging, kinda like parking your car under a tree with birds shitting on it for a month without being washed. That’s the effect of aged asbestos roofing.

Colorbond is so much better.

We are still continuing through a rather small list of changes we want to make, the granny flat will eventually have an additional bedroom added, the external walls will either be replaced and repainted or just repainted to suit the new roof. Some internal walls will get repaired and repainted. Some electrical work is planned, and if there’s a spare $30 we might get the carpets cleaned.

We remain on target for our aggressive repayment target of 8 years, whilst this is likely to be 10, it’s going to be a far lot less than the 30 years allowed. I just never did get my head around paying $500,000 for a $250,000 loan. Insane, but of course – there must be some that do take such lengthy times to pay it off! I just never can get my head around paying more..

I’m becoming increasing bored and annoyed at the lack of challenge my job currently involves. The biggest challenge I get is telling a user that there connection is slow because they are using wireless, or the link they are on is choked because of supplier planned upgrades, or replying to people who just can’t write a sentence without the word ‘fuck’ in it (those are the most fun, sorry, I won’t help you whilst you swear at me!) – they then reply crying ‘sorry’, and the next reply is simply “You need to listen to us, and actually run those tests”. Total tards of users, still, it beats what you can expect at many others!

I need more of a challenge though, I typically like to keep busy, and I can barely fill half my day with my own tasks, which is disappointing.

I’m still aiming to advance to a position which has an ongoing challenge, as I just don’t sit back, it’s not in my nature to take it easy, even if there is always an easy way out.

I’m currently disappointed at Telstra (I know, nothing new there), $299 to reactivate a second copper pair is ridiculous. A rip off! Of course, they dictate the prices due to their network, so we have little option but to either work around it, or pay up.

Overall, I’m happy with the house, it’s really a great house, on a great block of land, in a great location (the roads here are just that little more smoother than 2k’s up the road).

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