Misleading Australians? Nah, they couldn’t be

.. Unfortunately, it seems Telstra would much rather still deny their poll results as being a accurate representation of how the community feels about Telstra and blocking high-speed broadband.

In a blog post done by Rod Breum recently (but later deleted), a Telstra staff member had written:
“… it shows just how well the ACCC and the G9 have been deceiving Australians..”.

What a load of rubbish. How on earth are they BOTH deceiving us?

When all else fails, twist it your way I suppose. Let’s just hope they don’t go stupid about it and stick that claim to anything that could be considered a false accusation by its writer, a Telstra employee – no sign of bias there.

I think there’s room for an independant review of everything Telstra does.

Sounds stupid, I know, but every detail, from answering a phone call, to providing wholesale services, to managing their own corporate affairs, there is seemingly always room for a group of independants to oversee it, and provide recommendations on how things could be changed for the better.

Let’s set some examples:
– Sales reps signing customers to Bigpond. The customer has no idea what 200Mb means. They don’t explain that to them either. Neither do they explain that the plan is very poor value.

– Wholesale services. Telstra Wholesale could easily be improved upon by releasing products to wholesale, at the same time Bigpond can retail it. They had announced that they would offer it, right when Bigpond was already retailing it, leaving the competitors not so much time at all to get their systems aligned to process orders. And further, there’s no pricing transparency between Bigpond’s charges: $14.97, to wholesale charges (at least $25).

– Corporate affairs. Well, no one needs to say anything here. We all know this bit.

So, wherever you look in Telstra, someone, somewhere is being mislead, or scammed in some way.

That’s Telstra’s definition of being a “great Australian company”. Well, in my opinion, they are very far from it.

Great Australian companies, would be looking after the Australian economy, and looking after the consumers that are forced to buy services from them, either via wholesale or retail. Looking after the country that keeps them in business, and keeps them “able” to pay shareholders dividends. Those greedy pigs might need their position checked, because no matter where you look, no one in this country is going to be putting them first. That’s really, easy to see. They can’t demand anything, they should simply shut up, eat it, and when they become a “Great Australian Company”, they may at that point, approach the government, and the australian consumers for a higher return on their investments, or sell it off now to someone who will.

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